Tuesday, July 31, 2007


PC Upgrading. Soon, I'll be using this pc for work!!
I think the mouse cursor will start moving even before I'm touching the mouse! nice.!

Dell Optiplex 745 SF - Core Duo E6300 (1.86Ghz/1066Mhz/2MB,Int NIC)
Small Form Factor Chassis

- 4.0Gb 667Mhz NON-ECC DDRII Memory (4*1GB)
- 160GB (7,200rpm) SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive
- 8x DVD-Rom Drive
- DVI Adapter Card (Low Profile)
- 17" Flat Panel LCD

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Delhi Revisit - Day 8

Not feeling well. Troat itchy, gonna get a flu soon.

Sometimes, it is really frustrated to answer some not-too-smart question. First visit, they just attended the training a week before. So, asking such question, it is OK

After 1 month, some of them are still asking such question. WHAT THE FUCK!?

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Monday, July 30, 2007


Last weekend, went to Jaipur for a night stay. Damn, it is an expensive trip. Now that I've completed the visit to the "Golden Triangle" in India, I hope next trip, boss can really assign someone else. So that they can have new experience.

India first planned city, Jaipur a.k.a Pink City.

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Delhi Revisit - Day 7 (Jaipur)

The hotel in Jaipur is just so so. Bad breakfast. Lousy room. Today, no more tour guide. Vicky say the complimentary tour guide only for a day! Then, we decided to go Tiger Fort, the fort located at the highest location in Jaipur.

Overview of Jaipur city from the forte

The view from the roof top

The fort that guard the city

The air quality is bad in India. Its hazy and dusty all the while. Looks totally different from the indian movie nor those photo in the web. darn!

My son D80 wife is not performing well.

On our way back, we stop for lunch. I had thise Chinese Chowmein. Taste like shit! RS280.00

Children are everywhere, begger everywhere, hawker everywhere. But Bollywood hot chicks in no where. no fun! Colleague give some money to this kid.

Jaipur trip : RS13250.00 !

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Delhi Revisit - Day 6 (Jaipur!)

Departed to Jaipur early morning! Had some cold bread in Le Cafe. yucks.

Early morning in the hotel lobby.

Jaipur is about 250KMs away from Delhi. It takes approx 4.5 hours to reach there.

Palace of Wind! but, under restoration work :S

Old Jaipur, The Pink City.

Amber Forte.

Next, we went to Jaipur Observatory. Vicky the tour guide

Amber Forte from far.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Delhi Revisit - Day 5

Today, after work we directly go back to hotel for a rest. Because, tomorrow we're going Jaipur!

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Delhi Revisit - Day 4

Headache finally strike. Today couldn't get up and work. So have to rest in the hotel. Had some Panadol and continue to sleep.


Woke up at 230PM , Tarun , Sunil the Project Manager called and send regards, colleagues called to check if I'm dead yet.

The view from the room, nothing fancy, but at least something. Lotus Temple on the background.

Lotus Temple is free admission. Didn't get the chance to go inside.

The busy street.

Lunch in the hotel

I ordered Mexican Chicken Grill + Hot Choc. Rs500.00


Today's dinner is just some noddle and biscuit. Get the chance to snap the Lotus Temple, with lighting. The light is off after 8PM.

Shinning Lotus

The busy street at night.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Delhi Revisit - Day 3

Today, we only go Spice World, the shopping complex. Just to get some snacks to bring back. One of my colleague is going back to Malaysia tomorrow. darn! and I'm only on my 3rd day.

After that, we went to GULATI!!! My 3rd visit there! the food is DAMN NICE ok.


Fresh Lime Soda - MIXED (Sweet & Sour) Rs50.00

Chicken 65!!! This time, one of the colleague couldn't take too spicy food, so, less spicy. Rs270.00

Don't know what vege shits. Damn spicy also. Rs270.00

Didn't get to snap the Biryani Chicken. Too hungry. *slurp*

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Claridges vs Crowne Plaza

People say this time my hotel is very nice, very nice. But actually I still prefer to the for the previous stay in Claridges, probably because it's still new.

The Crowne Plaza

The Claridges Hotel

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Delhi Revisit - Day 2

Today, after work, the girls wanted to goto Dilli Hut. Rakesh AGAIN ask us if we want to go to some handicraft mall.

After another hard conversation with him, I manage to understand what does "This diwali, you go, my gift, 10 mins my gift, you" mean.

At first, I thought he want me to buy him a diwali gift. NO

Then, I thought he want to buy me a diwali gift. NO

In this Diwali Festival, the shops will give them a mystery gift, IF he could get a 50 entries there. So, he have to bring customers to the mall for 50 times. Now, he only have 25 entries.

Soon after I reach Dilli Hut, and pay for the entrance fee, I found out my filter are fogged. DAMN!!! its getting dirty. POTONG STEAM! All the photo taken, with visible stain.

Then, I take the risk of taking off the filter. Hopefully no scratch.

Stall in Dilli Hut

Fine piece of cloth

Vincci Handmade Shoe

Hairy Uncle and the High Tower of Cloth


Pillow case with ALOT of flies!


This dude from Kashmir. Trying very hard to get me buy something. Too bad I don't need anymore shawl.

They ask me to take their photo. And ask me how much my cam cost me.

Girls thing. sien

More girl's thing. more sien

DV, go get some and I do the thing, then I change position!

The "craftman" doing the rice thingy.

By the time I reach the hotel, already 10 something. So, decided to get McD for dinner.

Mexican Chicken Wrap. Rs119.00

Not too bad!

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