Sunday, July 31, 2005


Somewhere near the Wan Utama TGV cinema, there's this shop, with, uhhmm... semi-auto-network-real-time-artificial-intelligence-wireless-portable-eletronic-device on each table.

Image hosted by
Seperate button for seperate service. But I cant find the "syiok, include orgasm" service.

Image hosted by
When pressing the button, there's this eletronic board, displaying the table number, service code, with chime.

I thought they'll send Marvin, The Paranoid Android to serve us. Surprisingly, its human who serve us. The food , so so..

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

My wish to come true...

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mali mali hom......... tian ling ling... ti ling ling... karp karp d.p a lin karp karp yu loi leng....

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Friday, July 29, 2005

The first 3 hours lunch

Its been quite awhile since I go for long hour lunch. Today, for the first time in this current contract, went lunch for 3 hours. Aunty's bday today, so we decided to give her a treat. Then, han-tu go ask boss to join.

han-tu : aunty bday.. want to join us for lunch? we're planing to give her a treat.

boss : till.. now I cant afford to treat? why must you all treat? I treat!

han-tu : waiting you to say this only.

So, the whole department went out lunch together.

Image hosted by
The weather is sweet. Sunny day..

Image hosted by
Are we there yet? Are we there yet ?

Image hosted by
Boring during the journey.. snaping some random picture..

Image hosted by
Tai Thong.

Image hosted by
Tai Thong.

We ordered 7 dishes. All expensive dish which will not full. Damn... I cant remmeber the name of the dish. But it's expensive one. 9 of us, about 500-600+

Image hosted by
The prawn.

Image hosted by
The prawn, with "char har long zhao sau"

Image hosted by
gross.. but tasty... not blood thou..

Image hosted by
-the end-

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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Today, listen to some modified song.. THE BEST I've listen so far. *salute*

[住屋村大] - 19.2MB [Updated] - Link broken problem fixed. But super slow download speed. Bear it.

taken from

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Please, I'm really not THAT pervert

Nothing to do, did a search on on "afoi".


02/01/13(日) 09:42 ID:ds9+afoi おじゃ魔女どれみのももこたんを見... 12 名前:名無し さん@初回限定 投稿日:02...スレを発見しおれは写生... 16 名前:名無しさん@初回限定 sage 投稿 日:02/01/13(日) 14:07 ID:ds9+afoi 1が心安らかであることを祈りつつ...

Posted 51 days ago in 地下97階 0 links

WTF do 射精 has link with afoi ... yea.. afoi can 射精 whenever he want.. but... WTF~!?

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Sunday, July 17, 2005


Today, go out and meet with one of my long lost hometown friend. Its been quite awhile since I saw her. Miss those old day, when I can see her everyday at school. Bwahahahahha.

We went "The Curve" for lunch. After chit chat for hours, go shopping with her. AS USUAL, I bought nothing, she bought some accesories and some skirt.

Image hosted by
ChunLee, The Junior

Today and yesterday, been playing with fire in the morning. Soon, will make some video about it..

* * * * *
Some other photo snapped N-months ago.

Image hosted by
The Good. (the ONLY word I can make with the limited alpha.)

Image hosted by
The Bad. Bad manner!!!

Image hosted by
The "Gu". Gugudoll@WanUtame

Image hosted by
The Bad. Overload bus with fat driver.

Image hosted by
The Good. NICE Porridge~ Highly recommended.

Image hosted by
The Bad. Afoi's tongkat ali.

Image hosted by
The Good. Afoi's Bfast.

Image hosted by
The Bad. When you visit'em too frequent, the good will became the bad.....

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Recently , weekends getting more and more boring. Seems like nothing much we can do. Bento work at Saturday morning, then go back hometown. went shopping with felice and princess. Or, should I say... FOLLOW them shopping.

Its totally weird, cant really express the feeling. But, doesnt feel comfortable at all~ sweating, BUT i'm DAMN cold... my palm numb... only my palm~ shesh.. then... went to eat some lamb chop.. then..getting better. Then, we "try" to get tic for movie, and as usual again, its all fully booked. SHIT!!! then, no choice... we go Port Dickson. Oh yeah!

We set the time to gather at felice place at 6PM , again, as usual, fei late AGAIN. reached around 630PM... when we reach PD, its already 7+PM/8PM. Have a walk along the beach, nothing to see, no wind to blow, no papaya to pluck.

Settle dinner at some chinese seafood restaurant. 5 dishes , 1 fried meehon , 1 fried rice, at some sweet 57 bucks~!!! princess keep shouting "do you believe it~?? do you believe it~???" After talk cock until 10+ , our team fall back ... then.. STILL not enough.. mouth STILL itchy.. go some palce for yumchar.. go back around 2+AM.

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Slow Friday

Time passed SUPER slow today. Makes me think the watch got problem. WHY ? because it's FRIDAY! bento will be SUPER busy on every friday. Princess got training, so kenot fai thru MSN. Plus some PKLTJHCIO spying on us.

After the "Almost" [Infernal Affair - Final Episode] incident, I've totally NO OHM to work here no more! not even a single cell in my body want to work. "I don't know, some people do complaint about their work. But I see they still hold the work they working...but you're EXTREME! I can see you want to leave anytime from now!" someone told me this before. and YES I'm exactly with such feeling every weekdays.

Look at how they manage the thing ? Whats the point to rush the project for them? "I only want to take, I dont want to give". yeah right... go pull your dick and fuck yourself , you piece of nasty shit! ok, 11 more weeks to go... but... i smell shit is awaiting.. soon .... very soon... damn.....

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Random Conversation

afoi : no problemo... u busy ur thing first ... Image hosted by

afoi : woopss..... wrong emoticon

afoi : ampun...

Anonymous : awak sudah diampun

Anonymous : beta sekarang bersama puteri

afoi : hamba ampunkan para tuanputeri

Anonymous : "burung-burung sedang main air"

afoi : ya ollah.......

afoi : diharap burung tak mati kena air tembak

Anonymous : whahahha

Anonymous : soli la...u r not hamba..u r patik

afoi : tuanku taulah... kalau mati terkena air tembak..sangat "datang hal" la tu..

Anonymous : whahahah

Anonymous : okok...baginda sangat terima kasih kepada awa punya nasihat

Anonymous : akan ingat guna "tayar" supaya tidak mati lemas

afoi : patik harap, tuanku akan baling dumpling kat sungai buloh klau ada kanasai staff yang cucuk gua mia belakang...

afoi : nama saya WU .. jadi, saya harap , tuanku akan adakan hari untuk ingatkan patik

afoi : jomlah panggil dia... tuan wu jie , cantonse, kita kasi.. tuen mm jit

Anonymous : baiklah...harapan patik akan baginda tunaikan...

afoi : ampun tuanku...

afoi : wahai tuanku... ribuan umur ribuan umur, ri ri ribuan umur

Anonymous : itupun kalau patik mati dengan tuttup mata rapat rapat

afoi : ya tak ya juge....

Anonymous : bangun diri la

afoi : hahahahahha

afoi : zak~

Anonymous : whahahha

afoi : yo ollah.. apa tu.. zak ??

afoi : tak tau la pulak nape saya ZAK

Anonymous : beta pun tak tau kenapa ini bedabah ZAK

afoi : mohan maaf ... jangan la khinzir sembilan kaum patik...

afoi : tapi, klua tuan mau patik mati, patik mana boleh tak mati ?

afoi : ada yang mati cam bulu aje... ada yang mati cam tarzan..patik nak yang tarzan punya...

afoi : tapi , sebelum kasi amti..boleh patik ada satu rekuest ?

afoi : rekuest yang terakhir....

Anonymous : baiklah..memandangkan ini permintaan patik..akan beta tunaikan...

Anonymous : beritahu lah beta.......

Anonymous : apa itu!!

afoi : bolehkah...

afoi : bolehkah..baginda lepaskan patik ?

Anonymous : apa..tadi mau mati..sekarang tak mau mati

Anonymous : main main kah

afoi : patik bimbang.... offspring patik..akan terbalik kan yang jernih, pulihkan yang puteh...

Anonymous : baik lah..kalau puteh mest puteh puteh ah...

afoi : skali cam si orang puteh yang bername maikel jeksen

afoi : sudah cakep buka, cakep .... dihasut hantukah kita? apa sal... cam hang tuah cakep ngan hang lipoh ?

* * *
People will act differently when they're too boring.. But, I think I'm just being myself.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

AngKong had answered my prayer

Weeks ago, Bento ask what I wish for my coming bday. Yeah, after we've start working.. we ASK people what they want for their present. No more surprise. I tell him, I want a CASE of Jerry Nugget. He jokingly agree that, IF I can ever find one CASE of Jerry Nugget , he'll buy it. THEN..... miracles happened...

I believe that , if we against AngKong's wish, then... something terrible will happen.. Hope he believe that as well.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Random Conversation

BHuaker : Anonynomous.... have u call wing onn?

Afoi : then ?

Anonynomous : not yet

Anonynomous : wahahahahaha

BHuaker : ................

Anonynomous : not yet call to wing onn

Anonynomous : christina will arrange 1 la

BHuaker : afoi... u know who is wing onn?

Anonynomous : she ask me told her how mny ppl and when will go

Anonynomous : then she will ask mah

Anonynomous : aiyooo

Anonynomous : so worry for what

Anonynomous : we got christina

Anonynomous : yeah!

Afoi : dunno

Afoi : and who the hell is christina ?

BHuaker : wing onn is me and Anonynomous's son....

BHuaker : :D


BHuaker : christina is babysitter

Afoi : WOW!!!

* * *
Beware of the "silent marriage"....

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Lately, I cant really control myself. Neither my spending nor my mood. Have a talk with a friend last weekend. So my problem now is, being too harsh sometimes, and have no "filtering" on what I say. Thus, might hurt some people's feeling. The worst part is , I dont even realise this a problem.

Yes, I do admit I don't know what should/ what should not say. I always think its good to tell everything we feel to anyone. Guess will have to lock in a room , face the wall , suck the guts juice and ask my mum to tatoo "Think Before Talk" on my back.

Glad that I have a bunch of friend who always remind me of my problem. But they ask me not to stand too hard. Like that,how to satisfy my gf's need? (as if I have one)

Nothing much happening on the weekend. Mum visit (again). then Saturday morning, have a badminton session with Danny , his gf, DV , ahfeifei and I. Ahfeifei working afternoon shift the other day. So he cabut first.

*phone ringing*

Danny : oi.. your phone ringing

Afoi : oh really? *run to the bag*

Why do I need to run? only god know. When I passed by the tiang which tied the net, my shirt ACCEIDENTALLY got hooked with hookerhook.


My shirt got torn !!!!!!! WTF!!! Its good for laugh. Cant stop lauging. Luckily DV brought extra shirt. Else, I'll have to act like the Hulk for the next hour.

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Monday, July 04, 2005


SUDDENLY, after I'd failed to called the POS MALAYSIA KLIA to check the parsel, Bento received ALL of'em at once today! What a surprise~! So, decided to go meet him today.

Reach Psr Seni LRT station at 530PM, go McD and wait for him there. Alot of korean tourist there, waiting for their bus. Some hot chiq there.. so, decided to get a drink and give my eyes a treat.

I wait , wait and wait (not as long as POS MALAYSIA).. finally bento is here. He's with ALOT of boxes~! UK mia siao kia, pack the thing like sending over the whole container. But, he's just being nice so that the thing is in good condition.

Since the thing is here, guess I'll have to settle the bill. Here gone the salary again...................

Image hosted by
Bicycle Second a.k.a Yi Lai. This deck SUPPOSED to be the second quality. But after play around with the first deck, it seems no different with normal deck. Six of'em.

Image hosted by
Holiday Back Bicycle Colletion Tin Set. Printed same time with the Santa Back. Its for the Xmas celebration. Its rare to find.

Image hosted by
Marlboro Texan. Six of'em.

Image hosted by
Marlboro Texan. Check out the indexes. Its smaller than normal deck. The creamy colour of the paper quality make it special.

Image hosted by
Marlboro Texan. The King of Hearts. With slightly different drawing. This just lovely!

Image hosted by
Bicycle 2000 Collection Tin Set. Released at year 2000. Here, selling RM100.00 for this set.

Image hosted by
Should I throw away this rubbish-alike-paper? NO!!!

Image hosted by
Inside the rubbish-alike-paper, there's THE MOST precious deck I had so far. the Racer Back!

Image hosted by
Racer Back. Which is no longer inprint. Racer No.2 came out in 1906. The stamp is still in COMPLETE condition. Which mean, it's TOTALLY unopened!

Image hosted by
the stamp~ in great condition!

I've also bought some non-card item. Nitinol! The Nickel Titanium alloy

Image hosted by
This small thingy cost about RM120.00 !!

Tomorrow, probly I'll be playing with the NiTiNol. Hope it works. Then, I'll make a video about it.

Looks like I must really apporach people and donate some to the A.R.F.

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The Pig With Human Figure

Today, slept until 1230PM. Wake up that time, my uncle already paint-ed the whole house. Wooopss.. supposed to help him.. maybe next time le.. :P today consider the FIRST day I off since I start work. Doing nothing at all.

(*)Bento(*) just now i kena tiu by post office KLIA....

[ a f o i ] WTF!

(*)Bento(*) i call this morning....

(*)Bento(*) the fucker super LCLY

[ a f o i ] MCH

[ a f o i ] get his name la

(*)Bento(*) i say the parcel 3 weeks oledi....

(*)Bento(*) then he say each parcel should have a number to refer....

(*)Bento(*) then i say can check using name....

(*)Bento(*) then he dulan....

[ a f o i ] :S

(*)Bento(*) talk rude...say if he use name to check... 3 days also cannot finish....

[ a f o i ] tiu...

(*)Bento(*) "u think u are the one who have this kind of matters?"

[ a f o i ] mahai...

(*)Bento(*) tiu mou?

[ a f o i ] meaning ya service is god damn lousy la

(*)Bento(*) then i say..."can i come to KLIA to check"

(*)Bento(*) he say "can.... but if u can't find anything dun blame us"

(*)Bento(*) my roommate also same with u....

(*)Bento(*) buy a book from amazon....

[ a f o i ] just recently ?

(*)Bento(*) 3 weeks liao and still not yet arrive...

[ a f o i ] shit

[ a f o i ] this is bad

[ a f o i ] then didnt he want to check ?

(*)Bento(*) he keep on ask me to find the number....

(*)Bento(*) u later u better send a mail to all seller....

(*)Bento(*) ask them the number....

[ a f o i ] sigh.... ok

(*)Bento(*) malay ppl...sigh.... girl will say dunno....

(*)Bento(*) guys will scold ppl....

(*)Bento(*) cipet...

[ a f o i ] but there's one ppl sent the reference number alreayd ma right ?

(*)Bento(*) nop....

[ a f o i ] ???

(*)Bento(*) where got?

(*)Bento(*) u check and see....

[ a f o i ] From: seller Date: Jun 29, 2005 3:57 PM Subject: Re: Message from eBay Member Regarding Item #6538077xxx To: Hello, the tracking number is as follow:- RI 4617 8895 xxx

[ a f o i ] this is the email u forward to me

(*)Bento(*) wa tiu....

(*)Bento(*) y i dunno this....

[ a f o i ] ???

[ a f o i ] u dunno this ?

(*)Bento(*) yea....

[ a f o i ] remember ? we even check the USPS site and trace ?

(*)Bento(*) ok...good...

(*)Bento(*) so... can u call and check?

(*)Bento(*) 03-87871122

(*)Bento(*) receiver name: bento

[ a f o i ] ok

[ a f o i ] just now u talk malay or english?

(*)Bento(*) address: Lot XXX , jalan ham sup lee

(*)Bento(*) malay.

(*)Bento(*) those fucker dunno english one...

[ a f o i ] all fucka out to lunch

(*)Bento(*) walau....

(*)Bento(*) wait till 2:30 la....

So when 2.30PM , I call them again, again, I kena direct to Holland. then put me to wait. *tut tut* *tut tut* *tut tut* *tut tut* *tut tut* *tut tut*

When you know it is time to hang up and not to wait? when the *tut tut* turned to *tulan tulan*. You know it is the right time to hang up. Finally I get a chance to talk to a pig with human figure I assume.

PwHF : Reference number ?

Afoi : RI 4617 8895 XXX

PwHF : RI, ya ollah, this is registered mail. We're not dealing with this. try call the..... the......................the............................... extention number 200. Then look for.........for..... for.. the... for....... Zul...... oh yeah~ Zulkiflee~

Afoi : Pig brain is small to think fast.

PwHF : I'm sorry.

Afoi : Its ok, its not your fault, its your brain that doesnt work well.

As expected, it takes forever to get to the zulkiflee.. I wonder if this person ever exist.

THEN, bento msg me. ONE OF THE PARSEL FINALLY ARRIVED! Oh yeah! will go meet him later ~! oh yeah !

Below were the details by bento's attempt.

Call Transfer... Again and again...

Afoi's deck still haven't reach. I guess it was stuck somewhere between KLIA and KL. Follow up the tracing, i did make some calls to kastam.

First attempt - Kastam HQ - 0388822100
B: Hello, saya nak tanya, saya nak check itu parcel. Sudah 3 tahun saya tunggu.
Bitch: Oh, kita takde handle ni la boy... lu pigi call sama itu KLIA check la. Dia org handle.
B: Yakah...ok lor... amkan nor... HQ wor... apa pun tak tau... TAK GUNA!!

Second attempt - Kastam KLIA - 0387792607
B: Hello, saya nak tanya, saya nak check itu parcel. Sudah 3 tahun saya tunggu.
Bitch: Oh... you guna apa agent?
B: Agent? apa tu?? boleh makan punya?
Bitch: Bukan... macam UPS, FEDEX...
B: Oh... itu pengirim guna USPS!!
Bitch: USPS?? apa tu?
B: United States Postal Service aka Pos USA!!!!
Bitch: encik saya tak tau la... awak tunggu ya... saya bagi satu nombor awak call.
B: Ok la ok la. Tak guna...

Third attempt - Kastam KLIA - 0387792620
B: Hello, saya nak tanya, saya nak check itu parcel. Sudah 3 tahun saya tunggu.
Bastard: Oh... you guna apa agent?
B: Oh... itu pengirim guna USPS!!
Bastard: USPS?? apa tu?
B: United States Postal Service aka Pos USA!!!!
Bastard: Oh... soli la... kita handle MAS Kargo...kalau parcel, Pos Office handle...
B: Pos Office mana? Daya Bumi??/
Bastard: Bukan lah... cipet... KLIA la...Call ini number.
B: Tiu Mou??
Bastard: Oh ya encik, kalau awak ada masa, awak boleh datang sini check..hehehehehe

Ok...Now left back the last number. 03-87871122. Nice number there, but i think the call transfer process will repeat again... Wish me luck...

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Infernal Affair - Final Episode (no more not so soon)

I almost jobless last thursday. Boss called, and tell us to stop going to client side after friday. The company hasnt pay us since the begining of the contract yet. What kinda stupid company is this? The Pig Tougue dog fucker's pattern , is totally unacceptable.

As per clause 4 of the independent contractor service agreement on working hours and leave, in the event if the Software professional is late to the Client location for more than 2 times consecutively or more than 4 times in a calendar month, CHAOHIGH Company has the right to terminate this Agreement (we need to provide them with written notice about this though).

Above is the email that fucka send to my C.I.O and as for "advice". Serious shit, they dont even see the As per whichever clause that, all payment have to clear the latest by 5th day of next month. WTF!!!??? MCH!!!! now I'm real pissed with this stupid company~!!!!

Its weird, but I'm kinda excited about the last day. BUT, rupa-rupanya, boss only talk "fui hey suet wah". He decided to give them antoher chance. So, we still continue work in that company. Until he say he'll give us a break today(monday) and tomorrow. I guess there must be some "plan" going on there. To make it like, we mogok and don't want to work.

I thought this Infernal Affair situation gonna end soon, but.. guess it will be another months to end. Just, keep on hoping and wishing and waiting. When I imagine, if we ever leave that company, boss ask us to clear all the system we developed, I started to imagine the evil laugh on boss face. And of course , you'll only see me with innocent face, because, I am~

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Friday, July 01, 2005


J-Master Conversation
[ a f o i ] says: i bocor something
[ a f o i ] says: wlp say she hates u
[ a f o i ] says: go ask her why
[ a f o i ] says: go pinch her

After 10 minutes,

wlp Conversation
wlp (^@^) says:
[ a f o i ] says:
ey ey ey...
[ a f o i ] says:
i bocor something
[ a f o i ] says:
wlp say she hates u
[ a f o i ] says:
go ask her why
[ a f o i ] says:
go pinch her

This is what we call , 无阴功!!!!!! re-paste !!! shesh!!!

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