Monday, February 28, 2005

懒A 。。热到阿 。。

Days ago, back in hometown... hualaneh... the until dunno what... newspaper say, the ah poh who lost her gold teeth deep inside the lake when she row row row a boat in lake garden, had found her gold teeth back... why ? cos the lake dried out..

This the watermelon I had.. ALONE... steam ah!

P/S : I dunno about you guys... but I like to use the watermelon "skin" to do some sort of "facial" damn cold.. damn steam... try it... *double steam*

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Its just a PEAR!!!!

ahfeifei : hello ... there?

[ a f o i ] : yea

[ a f o i ] : wassup

ahfeifei : have bento or ck inform u anything?

[ a f o i ] : booked tamarind

[ a f o i ] :

ahfeifei : okok

ahfeifei : so u know

ahfeifei : s

ahfeifei : s

ahfeifei : s

ahfeifei : s

ahfeifei : s

ahfeifei : s

ahfeifei : s

ahfeifei : s

ahfeifei : s

ahfeifei : s

ahfeifei : s

ahfeifei : s

ahfeifei : need to clear the screen off

[ a f o i ] : hahahaahahhahahahahahahha

[ a f o i ] : i know

ahfeifei : now in office leh

[ a f o i ] : ROTFLOL


ahfeifei : shit you...

[ a f o i ] : nya nya nya nya nya!

[ a f o i ] : btw, I just draw a PEAR ma.. relax.......

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

updates on ahfeifei's wai sui SI

here, you get a FULL detail story in his blog.. enjoy! [click here]

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Saturday, February 26, 2005


一条小鱼向大鱼问道: 我常听人说起海的事情,可是海是什么?




This short "story" inspired me alot when I'm feeling uncertain about my life. I once asked myself what is life. Then, after awhile, I recalled about this comic that I watch. 当堂雷公轰顶.

Stop worrying too much If you think you can overcome the fate, think twice..

today is not in those friday mood... so, plan to go sleep early.. good night everyone.. have a nice weekend!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

pandemic rumour

Today, after second wake up(R1), I combat to my notebook and check my mail.

Pheng Keong : ey.. ey.. you there ?

afoi : yes mdm... how can I serve you mdm?

Pheng Keong : err... you know la.. I stay in 12th floor, and there's no water faicility down there, I cant wash my car.

afoi : Still listening..

Pheng Keong : and... my car is getting bigger and bigger already..

afoi : why is that?

Pheng Keong : the dust is getting thicker ma..

afoi : LoL

Pheng Keong : can I goto ya house later to wash car?

afoi : sure...

Pheng Keong : Thanks!



afoi : come come come... (casually ask) so, need me to help you wash car or not ?

Pheng Keong : thanks!

afoi : !??????!??????????

Pheng Keong : be a man... dont take back your word...

afoi : yes... mdm....................................

While half way washing , my younger aunty from the next door walked out...

Younger Aunty : yo foizy! havent give you angpao thim!! lai lai lai.. sang sang seng seng..

afoi : hapi nu year.... thank you

Younger Aunty : ah pin gor... nah.. yours.... sang sang seng seng.. where's LongCheng?

Pheng Keong : errr... (who the hell is LongCheng?)

Younger Aunty : I got to go.. see you guys later!


Pheng Keong : who is LongCheng!!

afoi : my brother.. your car and his gf car is the same one.. I think she mistaken you and my bro's gf! wa... isk... nice la.. come and LET ME wash YOUR car.. somemore got angpao take! isk!!!!

Pheng Keong : kih kih kih!!

afoi : ahh..sitt...... ey... inside e house, there's some real strong transmitor!! IF they see you... I'm sure rumour will spread real fast!!!! holly sit!!!!!

Pheng Keong : wa.. then how ??


Pheng Keong : wui.... got one aunty peep in front of the door!!

afoi : sitt!!!!!!! young or old one !??

Pheng Keong : old one!

afoi : is your car clean enough, yet ?

Pheng Keong : yea yea.. as good as new one!

afoi : ok.. leave now... else, I'll die of wee wang wang-ing very soon..!

Pheng Keong : ok ok!!

- - -

And I thought that I'm safe. 830PM , After my aunty and uncle had their dinner.

Aunty : ey... foi, just now, your bro's gf came by?

afoi : err... no ark.. why ask ? want to talk to her ? *deep shit mood* (this doesn't look good)

Aunty : oh.. nola.. were just asking....

afoi : ic... *yawn* sleepy thim... good night

Aunty : so, who's that girl ?

afoi : err.. which girl ? chaisey laine? <- please DO NOT google this name

Aunty : the one you wash HER car today ?

afoi : ohh.. my friend la....

Aunty : oh... your FRIEND la ?? nothing la.. cos uncle next door just called and ask.

Nowadays, not only SARS spread fast, rumour spread as fast as light speed.... wait a minute, does that mean.. it can travel BACK and informed EVERYONE in the past? The level of spreading in things like "afoi's add math is only 11 marks" , "afoi get two One Love , one Two Love , three Ngor Leng in 6 card game he played" , "afoi today is horny" is WAY slower AND smaller than this "afoi washing a mysterious long hair girl's car"

Things didn't over, YET. Just now when mom called, I report this matter to her FIRST. Previous experience dealing with those "nasty modified n-time add oil ass salt rumour" , I have to tell mom BEFORE she get it from eat full nothing to do other people's mouth. Yea, this time, my action is simply "keh gau"(R1).. I received my bro's sms at 1AM (7 minutes ago) "Who's that girl?" holly sit.........

With the power of ultraman , ninja turtle , baja hitam , voltron , goku , and silver hawak, I command this will end soon.... you know la... pheng keong lui jai yan gar ma... tak baik tau?

(R1) second wake up - it is a practise where a person wake up from his/her bed , and go continue his/her sleep on the sofa. When he/she wake up from the sofa, its the "second wake up"

(R2) "keh gau" - it means "you-thought-you're-so-smart-but-you're-not". Normally, used after you did something bad which you think IT is good at the first place. e.g : afoi "keh gau" gel a goku hair style before going to barber shop.

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Monday, February 21, 2005

[Why] Smell

Did you guys ever wonder, why something is THAT smelly and something is NOT at all ? what makes a two same weight of item to be toally different level of smelly ? and talking of level. the dog/human shit ahfeifei stepped the other day, rated the highest among all shit smell i've ever smellED. the poor thing must been living in desert for a long time. No enough water consumption, Yit Hei already... VERY yit hei...
talking about Yit(heat) , this days, the weather is really killing me. how hot can one get somemore ? fulamak.. going out at day time is totally a disaster man.

afoi : ey.. did you guys ever wonder.. why soemthing so smelly and something is not ?

someone : shit ma... after u digest already, then it become smelly lo.

afoi : yea.. that one I THINK is cause by bacteria. I mean, stuff like durian , cempedak , nangka. Imagine, a piece of gai SI gor and nangka. one is almost without smell, one is almost with killing smell.

someone : laneh.. what a question.

afoi : I wonder if anyone got know this... kinda curious

So, anyone out there, If it happened that you know that answer, please enlighten me.

p/s : talking about smelly shit. Did I mentioned that, it took ahfeifei nearly an hour to clean his seat ? *respect*

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ahfeifei's "wai sui SI"

sho, that day, we had shome short of sheafood c.u.m loushang dinner. It ish the 4th loushang I had thish year. I wonder how "shang" I can lou thish year. *hmmphh* sho the loushang plate sherved in 10 min. Thatsh fasht! sho everyone go like "Lou ah..." "huat ah..." "lai ah..." only me alone shouting "shang ah..."

Everyone had been quite shy that day I gueshsh. Even though all the dishesh ish sherved, shtill none of ush made any move. Until the bday pershon ashk ush to give face.

sho, after dinner, we chit chat abit there until about 11PM.

afoi : jom.. balik lo... I go toilet firsht.

ahfeifei : wait u at car park.

afoi : roger that. get in poshsition and wait for my go!

ahfeifei : go where? kheong ?

- - -

At the car park. Everyone inshide the car chit-chating

shomeone : ey.. afoi , you fat ashsh, you sit in front.

afoi : hurray! thatsh the good thing about being fat.

*go in the car*

shomeone : *shniff* Did you guysh shmell that? what shmell ish that? geez.... jusht now dun have one ark.

afoi : sit la... like that paimeng shay i shmelly jek ? *shelf-shniffing* no ark.. not me ark... perfume shtill going shtrong...

ahfeifei : musht be shOMEONE shtepped shOMETHING.

afoi : . . .

ahfeifei : letsh shtop the car ashide.

*everyone go down and check shoe*

afoi : laneh.. heng ah... not mE!! not ME!!!!

ahfeifei : sit.... ish me...

everyone : ewwww!!!!

ahfeifei : letsh go nearby gash shtation shettle.

- - -

At the petronash shtation, everyone jump out the car like itsh gonna bomb. While ahfeifei clearing the THING, everyone shtart to chit chat and even take photo!

afoi : lemme go get shome air refresher.

ahfeifei : no need la.

afoi : need la.

After shearching high and low, shtill.. there ish no shign of shelling any air refresher.. what I shee ish , follow me man'sh perfume , Inpulshe shpice and shome hindu powder. wtf. The follow me perfume shmell like dead fish, the hindu powder shmell like hindu. no choice... go for Inpulshe Pice.

afoi : shtay away from the car, everyone! ngek ngek ngek *shaking the shpary*

everyone : run! run for your life!

afoi : *shpray* die!! sit shmell.. die!!!! ha ha ha!! die!! ha ha!!

shome girl : I like him

everyone : who doeshn't ?

ahfeifei : ok ladiesh and gentlmen , letsh continue our journey.. shall we?

*shtart engine*

*on air-con*

*shut window*

shomeone : *shniff* wtf? how come shtill got shmell one !?

everyone : yea lo.... sit...

Then, shome real sitty shtuff happened during the right turning. while ahfeifei changing gear, my LEFT middle finger accidentally touched hish LEFT arm. and there Ish shome mud-like thingy shtick on my middle finger.

afoi : wtf!? wtf!!!????

*pashsh by shtreet light*

sit... it Ish a piece of sit on MY MIDDLE FINGER!!!!

afoi : FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahfeifei : what?? what ? what ???

afoi : I got a sit on my middle finger!!!

ahfeifei : u cant sit on your middle finger...

afoi : u no undershtand.. i got a sit on my middle finger!

shome girl back there : awww!!!!!!! i shaw it!! sit!!!

afoi : tishshue pleashe..

shome girl back there : nah.. *hand over a tishshue*

afoi : thank you

shome girl back there : nah.. *hand over another tishshue*

afoi : thank you

shome girl back there : nah.. *hand over third tishshue*

afoi : thank you

shome girl back there : nah.. *hand over yet another tishshue*

afoi : thank you

(to cut it short, she handed me shome like 20 over tishshuesh)

ahfeifei : ishsit you that "hai" the shii to me one?

afoi : wtf!!?? me!??? look your arm!! shii ah!! shii ah woei!!!

ahfeifei : woopshsh...

jack : go my houshe you two better shower...

afoi : got lok yau yip anot? need to shower with that man..

everyone : LOL

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Shilly Sit

Days ago, we went to Klang and look for one of our friend, Jack. We're invited to have a dinner there. A Bday treat. It tooks around 40 mins for us to reach there. Some conversation inside the car during the way there, created a new "trend"

afoi : ey.. exactly how does the DV-X829-C works with the auto trigger thingy ?

ahfeifei : you see, there's a shpring inside this modeal.

afoi : wtf is shpring ?

ahfeifei : I mean sPring.

everyone : ROTFLOL
- - -

shince then, which ever shingle word with "s", we replaced with "sh"

Level - 1
- - -
afoi : Sho, ish everyone shure want to have sheafood ash dinner ?

ahfeifei : I'll shtay with the majority.
- - -

Level - 2
- - -
ahfeifei : Sit!! forget to take my wallet!! Sit !!!

afoi : go check inshide and shee, I'll shit here and wait
- - -
In level-2 crapping, any "s" word WITH the "h" initially will be nimus off the "h"

Lvel -3
- - -
afoi : shi kay , Sheong mm Sheong min Shek Shupper Ah ?

shi kay : absholutely , am Sharving shince shix minutesh ago.

ahfeifei : Sho, Shri Shentosha shek ? I sut down pc firsht.
- - -
extenshive use of "s" and "sh" in level-3.

Mosh of the time, when afew "childish" people (or its just ONE) getting along, some sitty shuff like thish will happened...

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Blink 182 (times per minute)

My streamyx been down since yesterday morning. So this morning I decided to wake up early and give them a call. received a call from a friend at 950AM and thought it was an alarm and call it off. blur liao...

then wake up... teeth also didn't brush... go downstair.. go check some bill for the telekom number *dialing*

Ah Lian : yes?

Afoi : errr..... kepong telekom?

Ah Lian : huh ?? telekom ? Long Number ...

Afoi : sorry .... **hang up*

Shit... why so blur... dial wrong number.... bad sign!!! today is NOT my day...

*dial number again*

Operator : Hello good morning telekom kepong

Afoi : yea... finally.. i would like to make a report... my streamyx down!!

Operator : err.. okie.. have u report to 100 ?

Afoi : wtf? wince when did 100plus bought over telekom ??

Operator : bukan.... 100 itu line untuk support.

Afoi : ahh.. sorry.. no...

Operator : nvm.. i'll help u to report it.. what seem to be the problem sir ?

Afoi : the damn DSL light is blinking NON-STOP since YESTERDAY MORNING...

Operator : ohh... okie.. have i have your number please?

Afoi : 6276XXXX

Operator : no hand phone ?

Afoi : 012XXXXXXX

Operator : ok ok .. I'll send someone there shortly.. thank you for calling..

*hang up*

Hmm... based on experience, do YOU think that fella will help make a report ? hmmphh... no way! let me just report to 100 straight...

*dial 100*

Operator : Telekom Malaysia..

Afoi : I would like to make a report... my streamyx down!!

Operator : ok , and you are ?

Afoi : Afoi. The damn DSL light is blinking NON-STOP since YESTERDAY MORNING...

Operator : ohh... okie.. have i have your number please?

Afoi : 6276XXXX

Operator : no hand phone ?

Afoi : 012XXXXXXX

*handphone ringing*

Operator : blablablabalba

Afoi : ok ok .. bye bye

*hang up* *receive call* (damn busy...)

Afoi : yo.. wassup..

Operator : Hello ? I called 100 for you just now, they say this number NEVER had streamyx at all !

Afoi : what is this !??? I've been using for like a year ... *&%@*$%@*%(@%

Operator : lilek..lilek.. gimme the login id

Afoi : *think think* let me check... *check phone book* ahh.. sorry... I gave you the wrong number for my house phone.. woopss.. 6274XXXX

Operator : Ahh!!!!! They scold me !!! *sob sob*

Afoi : ahya.. sorry la.. just woke up.. blur... really sorry...

Operator : no problemo... g'day sir

Within an hour, already blur 3 times.. whats next?? let us just wait....

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Today, woke up at 12PM , then after I combat to wash up and combat to downstair, already 1230PM.


Operator : hello dominos pizza.

Afoi : yea... I ...

Operator : Hi, Ms Law ?

Afoi : Ms.Law tengah kerja...

Operator : whatever, how can i serve you , sir?

Afoi : one aloha chicken regular thin crust , one spagetti , a can of coke.

Operator : Sir, i suggest you take the value meal 1 , its just RM2x.xx

Afoi : Just place my order and come in 1/2 hour or you can call ambulance.

Operator : Sir, I repeat the order *rewind*

*ding dong*

Afoi : till.. who so early ?? *peep* chey.. i thought venice* house no water while having her shower half way.

Afoi : yo brader! wassup!! come come come.. my little cousin....

Cousin : ge ge, wo yao kan mo shu... yea yea jiang ni hui mo shu (bro, i want to see magik, grandpa say u know magik)

Afoi : come come come.. *ahhemm* what kinda magik you want to see? poker magik ? card magik ? card trick ? poker trick ? playing card magik ? playing card trick ?

Cousin : whats the differences and which is better?

Afoi : errr... actually is the SAME... ge ge only know card trick.. kekeke

Cousin : show me show me!

Afoi : *shharraakkk* (spring card)

Cousin : *no feel*

Afoi : *shharraakkk* (spring card ANOTHR TIME)

Cousin : *no feel* x 2

Afoi : *shharraakkk* (spring card AGAIN)

Cousin : *yawn* ge ge , ge ge , why you pattern liao liao? show magik la...

Afoi : . . . FINE! ok.... *fan card* now choose one card

Cousin : Can I choose TWO ?

Afoi : Listen to me... choose ONE card

Cousin : Why one card? two card kenot ? you only know ONE card??

Afoi : Choose or leave...

Cousin : ok ok ... this one.

Afoi : remmeber it... and put it back into the deck.

Cousin : done!

Afoi *Shuffle* ok.. the card is now lost somewhere in the deck , right ?

Cousin : shuffle more!

Afoi *Shuffle* enough?

Cousin : more! more!!

Afoi *Shuffle* enough ??

Cousin : i want more!!

Afoi : You wan yea issit ?? ok , now look *show first card* Is this your card?

Cousin : hahahahahhaahahahah no!!!!! stupid one you...

Afoi : ok look... now with a snap of finger .. now turn the first card and see

Cousin : *turn card* WA!!!! how come it changed to my card?!?? how how how!?

Afoi : *ahheeemmm*

Cousin : actually my yea yea (grandpa) told me you can fly.. fly for me.. fly for me..

Afoi : ai meh? ge ge havent eat lunch kenot fly..

Cousin : fly or I cry , I cry you die, No fly i cry, you fly i high.

Afoi : ok... now look.... *levitate few inches from ground*

Cousin : HIGHER! HIGHER!!!

Afoi : lu uh siao boh ??? enough is enough

Cousin : HIGHER!!!! they say you can fly to upstair one.. fly!! fly!! higher!!

*pu pu...*

Afoi : ahh.. i ordered pizza.. come liao.. come.. eat...

Cousin : got pizza?? yea!!!

Afoi : (Luckily got pizza, this fella paimeng come 串场 one la...)

*- magik show end -*

This is the 串场 di di

Dictionary :
Venice - neighbour's daughther

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Monday, February 14, 2005

I'm back!!!!

After a week of CNY, I finally back to KL. Well, nothing much to do as well, just come back and have some dinner with friends... kekek... then I'll be going back hometown again. This CNY is kinda quiet for me. Nothing much... gambling abit.. win ABIT.. play lucky.. loose... go kap pondan.. yamchar..

And today is monday, the FIRST day of myself experience my first day of doing-nothing-thus-sleep-until-1230-and-then-watch-tv-until-boring-then-online life style. Feel kinda.... uhhm....empty.

Nothing really to write. oh yeah.. and Happy V-Day to everyone out there.

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Monday, February 07, 2005

Happy Chinese New Year

CNY is around the corner... but just dont really had the feel to celebrate yet... hmmphh... guess will be a quiet cny... anyway... just hope that everyone will have a better year... and achieve their goal.

Its time to go back hometown. I "ngeh ngeh" want to blog ah? chui ar?? ekekke...

To all reader who read this blog. You had my sincerest wish and If anything good happen to you, that must because of my wish. *wink*

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

SankQ SankQ

Saturday night, at home watching the Black and White Forest (some HK movie). Oh, sorry... should I say.. Listening Movie. As I'm actually surfing the net while "listening" to that movie. Below were some conversation with the legendary Min Fa Jeong Jeong Mun Yan (cotton palm founder).

Min Fa Jeong : let you see something. I promoted your blog. I c&p for you. wait.

- - -

Min Fa Jeong : eh u go see this blog [url] anot ?
Ching Ching He Bian Chao : i did la

Ching Ching He Bian Chao : wah..

Ching Ching He Bian Chao : mahai..

Ching Ching He Bian Chao : laugh until almost die

Ching Ching He Bian Chao : yalo...hahhaha...he went tao pak [url]

Ching Ching He Bian Chao : later kena tangkap man

Min Fa Jeong : ei Ching Ching He Bian Chao

Min Fa Jeong : u read the one bout the drunk driver?

Chin Chin He Bian Chao : yayaya

Chin Chin He Bian Chao : HAHAHAHHAHAHA

Min Fa Jeong : ahahha u know hor, the cher pai

Min Fa Jeong : i first saw

Min Fa Jeong : i thought is ur dad's hahahahahhaa

Chin Chin He Bian Chao : eh the cher pai...just tor beng with my si doi bao

Min Fa Jeong : ROTFLOL

- - -

Its good to know someone enjoy reading your own blog. Dont you? :P

cher pai == number plate
tor beng == reversed
si doi bao == die packet bun
tao pak == taking camera without acknowledgement
mahai == errrr....... where you came from

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Many of time, people like to take the challenge. By not following some simple rules. Some people will try to use the anus to suck up some honey star corn flake. and trying to digest with their lung.. and then shit with their mouth. Some will just soak their leg with milk while having breakfast. Because they believe a day a glass of milk helps them to keep their stamina. Maybe they know they're wrong. But they just dont want to admit their fault. hmmmphh.....

- - - - -

Min Fa Jeong : come come come... lets play a game... read aloud POP for 20 times. quick!

Kal Pek Kal Bu Si El Siu : POP , POP , POP , POP , POP , POP , POP , POP , POP , POP , POP , POP , POP , POP , POP , POP , POP , POP , POP , POP.. ok done..

Min Fa Jeong : answer me.. when you see green light at the junction... what you do? quick!

Min Fa Jeong : when ur at a green light u ...

Min Fa Jeong : ?

Kal Pek Kal Bu Si El Siu : stop?

Min Fa Jeong : haha

Min Fa Jeong : u sure?

Min Fa Jeong : hahahahaa

Kal Pek Kal Bu Si El Siu : yeah manz...

Kal Pek Kal Bu Si El Siu : later change then how..

Kal Pek Kal Bu Si El Siu : maybe not stop ar..

Min Fa Jeong : ahahhahahahahaa

Kal Pek Kal Bu Si El Siu : slow down.

Kal Pek Kal Bu Si El Siu : in case

Min Fa Jeong : oi uncle, GREEN LIGHT

Min Fa Jeong : u know what's green anot? u color blind ar

Kal Pek Kal Bu Si El Siu : yeah...~

Min Fa Jeong : hahahaahaa

Kal Pek Kal Bu Si El Siu : like then u reach junction right..

Kal Pek Kal Bu Si El Siu : even green light also have to slow down..

Min Fa Jeong : till...

Min Fa Jeong : manz ur SOOO full of crap

Kal Pek Kal Bu Si El Siu : later got some drunk driver on the other side..

Kal Pek Kal Bu Si El Siu : kaoz.. really.. part of the driving theory tes

- - - -

I'm sure you guys knew some of the fellas who just wont admit their fault. "Ini jalan memang takde mah-sah-lah. Yang mah-sah-lah, pengguna jalan laya..." "Ini bukan pasai saya, salah perkerja yg takde tlenning." "Aku memang suka bau kentut abang dawi yang bertiup bersepoi sepoi bahasa." "ini bukan salah kami, jadi tak boleh claim, takde electricity, itu pasai hari itu, calender cina cakep "不宜-开电"

Suggestions to Kal Pek Kal Bu Si El Siu

1. Eat your shiet and see if you'll have any solid food fall from ya anus.
2. Dig your nose and get an orgasm, so you dont need to do some humping stunt.

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Friday, February 04, 2005

Pervert Private Chat

ahfeifei : hello.. buat apa?

afoi : comb my private part's hair

ahfeifei : oh

ahfeifei : so free

ahfeifei : so jelous

ahfeifei : got put gel or not?

afoi : aiyo.. no wor..

ahfeifei : wat kinda of hair style did u use?

afoi : but got put the durex lubricant

afoi : er... center lo..

afoi : 'dui ni ai ai ai bu wan' ma...

ahfeifei : icic

ahfeifei : nice

ahfeifei : later can show off liow

afoi : aaron cock ma

ahfeifei : yeah

ahfeifei : u can do the pepsi adds oso.. ask for more "

afoi : why is that ?

ahfeifei : aaron cock in pepsi adv also ma

afoi : ROTFLOL

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This the cute lil girl i saw yesterday night.. while doing some kuli work... pity me.... 你话柑唔柑? the smile looks like thse "heee heee... this uncle like sochai... eyeerr.... heee heee... " |||-_-

Girl : What happen ah?

Girl : Oh... stewpick uncle taking my photo! hee heeee

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So how?

hahahahhahahahahaahha I see this on the advertisement board in LRT Station. bento , fei , dude , ck ... wadda think?? ROTFLOL

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Friday==LastDay , LastDay==Quit , Quit==Jobless

Here comes another friday. Somehow, today, everything, seem to be, going very smooth. The LRT counterist (whatever u call the person who sit in the counter? heh) looks like already get back the 50 cent debt from someone, and start to give some small smile already. Good! keep up the Good job fazlin!

The neighbour's bitch doesn't make a single sound when i out from home today also. In fact, I see 旺财 accross the street is doing doggie style with her. Afterall , Shes not a bad dog. At least she dont pee in front of my house. Good job XiuLai!

The Thailand working in the coffee shop dont give the "i'm fucked!!" face anymore. In stead, he talk abit to me.. shame on me... dont understand a single word... Also, his hand no longer soak inside my tea when he serving the tea. Good job takson!

The nasi lemak stall aunty give me the BIGGEST smile today! I thought today i finally look abit like Andy Lau, but the fact is, when I was about to take out my pen and give him a nice autography, she say "Sei Khau Chart!". Huh ?? sounds like a bad word to me... so i reply "Meh lan?". "Four Seventy, you eat, you pay.. I sell , I get money.. You full full go work, I happy happy close stall earlier... lar lar lam.." Yeah, you hear me right. A small piece of meat, an egg and some litttle pitiful amount of pork curry cost me RM4.70. Damn good in making big money. Good job AhLian!

In short, today is kinda sunny day. As well as my mood ! Hopefully, it can last long enough. So since I had nothing else to write, I'll just end this post, and practise the sleight of hand under my desk. Shh.....

*Springing card sound* (shharrraakakkkk)

Prj Manager : What the fuck ? who farted !??

Afoi : lilek la brather.... playing with cards only..

Prj Manager : You very free hor ?

Afoi : *holly shiet* err.. nola.. taking a break ma..

Prj Manager : Come.. finish this by noon

Afoi : ala wakba!!!

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Who want gamble with me ?

*ahhemm* Lets see if this CNY I can make a fortune by gambling with friends or not.. Its time to test my sleight of hand !! hahaha.. j/k ... I've been into Magic since 9 months ago.. not a good learner.. but so so only le... hopefully i can improve more.. any magician out there reading this post? drop me a line!

Wheel of fortune *ta ta ta.. ta ta ta ta ta ta... ta ta ta ta ta ta.. ta ta ta TAAAAAA*

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Freeze !!!

Heard that , over tmn mayang here.. whenever police officer ask you to freeze.. u must freeze as shown. Else.. nothing will happen.. heh... took this picture on my way back from lunch.. shesh... I don't know if this cat still alive anot.. but she(no dick little john one) is lying in front of a mamak stall... looks damn enjoying...


Full-frontal view

After tomorrow, I'll be like her !!! hurray !!! so guys... spot me in action tomorrow onwards k ?? oh yeah !! guess I'll kinda miss all my colleague... they're so nice.. *sob sob*

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Re: down frequently...

Hi there,

I'm afraid you've fallen victim to a bug in our system which
loses template data. Your posts are still safe, but unfortunately we
not able to recover your template for you. To use one of our default
templates, you can click the Pick New link on the Template tab. This
let you publish your blog again while you recreate your old template.
apologize for the inconvenience and we are working on getting this
fixed. However, it is always a good idea to save your own copy of a
template if you make extensive customizations.

Sincerely, Steve
Blogger Support Team

Original Message Follows:
From: [Exposure content]
Subject: down frequently...
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 17:35:27 -0800 (PST)

am having problem with my blog.. it seems to be down few times a
sometimes, it only shows the title, sometimes it shows NOTHING at
and when i goto the template.. the html coding seems to be
noted that, i've added tag board in my blog.. will this affected my
hope to hear for a solution a.s.a.p ...


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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

[How-to] Jia Jia Busy

Effect - At the office, in the range of 15 metres radius, someone seem to be busy coding/debugging, as keyboard typing sound was heard now and then.

Preparation - A MSN IM Account or any IM Account.

Method - Constantly message everyone online in your MSN list "doing what".When got any funny reply or not too funny reply, reply long... instead of "haha" , make it "hahahahha". "oh icic" to "oh really?? geez... didn't know that.. Now i knew"

Variation #1 - Create a blog and crap. Put some long and useless post there... Like this.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Effect - Someone pass by in super fast speed. Left hand with documents. Right hand with a bottle of water. Sighing while walking , and with some serious look.

Preparation - Some draft paper , an empty bottle , not too excited mood.

Method - When you need a break, grab the stack of draft paper on your left hand. Noted that effect is best shown with left hand grabbing the "documents". Dont ask me why, it just happened to be BEST with left hand. Empty your bottle of water. Its not important that the water which in your bottle previously goes where. The point is.. an empty bottle. Ok, on your "I'm fucked! do not mess with me!" look. Then start to walk super fast to any destination which is FAR from your desk. Noted that, do not trying to make a too loud foot step sound. It will get peoples attention ,which is not too good. The effect we're trying to create is "oh.. he's busy and pissed off... better leave him alone".

Variation #1 - This variation need a cellphone. Goto SoundSetting > Ringtone > IncomingCall > Listen (Note that different phone might have different sequence of menu). Let the phone rang for 5 sec. Again, dont ask me why. 5 sec seem to be the BEST result to the "laymen". Walk away while "answering" your phone. Also, not to forget to grab your bottle.

*P/S : The bottle is mentioned all the while in this effect, Although it might sound redundant. But the thing is, its purpose is to serve as a backup plan for you! Situation like , boss suddenly come to you and see you doing nothing, some "shit disturber stick" (Gao Xi Guan) spotted u doing nothing. Ok, When you're in such situation. Change your "I'm fucked! do not mess with me!" look to "Hi hi! I'm cute ! I'm sexy ! I'm a shitty bai sweetie pie" Then greet them nicely and tell them "Been BUSY whole day... thirsty.. come refill water"

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


#8999*8378#    测试模式
*#8999*8376263#  查看硬件H/W、软件S/W版本及软件最后刷新的时间日期
*#8888#       详细查看硬件版本
*#9999#       详细查看软件版本
*#06#        显示IMEI
#*2787#       打开或关闭温度监测,输入指令后屏幕显示CRTP ON表示开 CRTP OFF表示关
#*3370#       打开或关闭Enhanced Full Rate(增强型全速编码)一种增强型技术,提供更好的蜂窝系统话音质量。
#*4700#       打开或关闭Half Rate(半速率编码)    该方法能更有效地利用频谱,从而使蜂窝网络的容量加倍。
#*7693#       打开或关闭睡眠模式。
#*8462#       显示睡眠时间。
*2767*927#     Wap 复位.
*2767*86927#    GPRS自动设置
*2767*86667#    MMS自动设置
*#8999*3825523#  (ETALLCD) External LCD外屏光度调节
*2767*2878#     手机当前的设定复位
*2767*3855#     手机EEPROM总复位(这个功能要慎用!会格式化电话簿,用之前要做好电话簿备份)。[glow=255,red,2]文字[glow=255,red,2]文字

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