Wednesday, February 02, 2005

[How-to] Jia Jia Busy

Effect - At the office, in the range of 15 metres radius, someone seem to be busy coding/debugging, as keyboard typing sound was heard now and then.

Preparation - A MSN IM Account or any IM Account.

Method - Constantly message everyone online in your MSN list "doing what".When got any funny reply or not too funny reply, reply long... instead of "haha" , make it "hahahahha". "oh icic" to "oh really?? geez... didn't know that.. Now i knew"

Variation #1 - Create a blog and crap. Put some long and useless post there... Like this.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Effect - Someone pass by in super fast speed. Left hand with documents. Right hand with a bottle of water. Sighing while walking , and with some serious look.

Preparation - Some draft paper , an empty bottle , not too excited mood.

Method - When you need a break, grab the stack of draft paper on your left hand. Noted that effect is best shown with left hand grabbing the "documents". Dont ask me why, it just happened to be BEST with left hand. Empty your bottle of water. Its not important that the water which in your bottle previously goes where. The point is.. an empty bottle. Ok, on your "I'm fucked! do not mess with me!" look. Then start to walk super fast to any destination which is FAR from your desk. Noted that, do not trying to make a too loud foot step sound. It will get peoples attention ,which is not too good. The effect we're trying to create is "oh.. he's busy and pissed off... better leave him alone".

Variation #1 - This variation need a cellphone. Goto SoundSetting > Ringtone > IncomingCall > Listen (Note that different phone might have different sequence of menu). Let the phone rang for 5 sec. Again, dont ask me why. 5 sec seem to be the BEST result to the "laymen". Walk away while "answering" your phone. Also, not to forget to grab your bottle.

*P/S : The bottle is mentioned all the while in this effect, Although it might sound redundant. But the thing is, its purpose is to serve as a backup plan for you! Situation like , boss suddenly come to you and see you doing nothing, some "shit disturber stick" (Gao Xi Guan) spotted u doing nothing. Ok, When you're in such situation. Change your "I'm fucked! do not mess with me!" look to "Hi hi! I'm cute ! I'm sexy ! I'm a shitty bai sweetie pie" Then greet them nicely and tell them "Been BUSY whole day... thirsty.. come refill water"

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

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