Thursday, August 30, 2007

ready for war!

Wish everyone a happy merdeka!!!

Look, I even decorate my system unit with the flag. Hopefully don't need to apology, since I never wear on my body also, no disrespect mar..

Now, what happened to the flag post?












A catapult!! Stand near and someone will get hurt badly!!

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100th Merdeka

Ling Yu Zhong quite popular now, his song can be heard anywhere.

After 50 years old, how will be his singing be?

The intro part's kid, becoming adult. And "may be" this will be the outcome, if they decided to sing it again.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Feels good when you have something to threaten someone. All lame excuses come out after that.

[ a f o i ] sends:

[ a f o i ] says (10:46 PM):
put as your MSN pic

[ a f o i ] says (10:46 PM):
and i'll send u the rest

You have just sent a nudge.

caught on D80 says (10:49 PM):
don't want lar

caught on D80 says (10:49 PM):
my msn not t private. got customer in my msn list

* * * * * * *

Thanks to fei for getting the apartment.

First bday to treat steamboat! Cost about RM270.00 just for the food! Why? cos we got LIMPETS!!

Even Jack Daniel want to lick taste LIMPETS!

How can I NOT WIN ?

To be a PRESIDENT in "Asshole Chor Dai Dee" game, with this sets of card, it is almost instantly. =D

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Nobody care about my bday wish!!!! ( )*( )

See!!? Nobody even pay attention when I making my wish!


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Lim Yee Jiong

All thanks for fei to kurniakan me a new nick. LIM YEE JIONG. It is bersempena Lim Yu Zhong.

And since I'm Lim Yee Jiong, I decided to make my yee jiong song. So guys, next time, IF so unlucky that you heard me sing this inside my car. You know, someone will gonna get hurt.

Please covey this message to ANYONE!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


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Kiss MV

Thats why must get dSLR, and not SLR!

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pd-ed again!

Went to PD with the gang during the weekend. So, no more Italy Team firework. A boring trip. woopss.. I mean, other than hang out with the gang, did nothing. Didnt even get to go to any beaches, didn't get to know any hot chicks in bikini. Worst still, saw a group of so high not too smart people with their flag. Need marshall to escoot them somemore, really like orang istimewa.

Skipped the JackDaniel session, headache and sleep quite early. Also introduce
"Asshole ChorDaiDee" to them. Haha..

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

International Firework Competetion - Australia

Went to Putrajaya for the International Firework Competition last night. It was Australia Team. My first firework shot.

Armed with tripod, wireless remote control. Packed in my SIX MILLION DOLLAR HOME bag. But, WITHOUT SKILL!

Test shot by the Australia team, also test shot by me!

Quite the special firework

Like a face with eyes!

Its very very very nice show. Worth the traffic jam. Because I'm not the one who drive. wahahahha!!! Probably will go again this Friday for Italy team! SIEN LIAO! Friday is Global Team! Probably not going.

Note: All the photo, seems "slanting", partly because there is a slope there, and also soft grass :'(

Did some quick edit thou.. some cropping, some rotation, some adjustment.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

tiu or no tiu? Deal or No Deal?

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No more, kua...

Since I want, so, my wife got new house.

Light Blue with ORANGE color interior.. so sharp colour.. :S

Hopefully, this is the LAST camera related item I bought this year. Hopefully...

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

pre-1831 , no tv!

Since last friday, we're all back to pre-1831, Era without TV!

TV resigned and her last day... I guess will less one people to target my cold jokes to. :(

Hope she'll like her new work place!!!!

She made all of us a tv. I paste on my PC. So, PC在;TV在.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

《Everyone is No.1》

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EISA Awards

Categorysort iconAwarded Product
EUROPEAN CONSUMER LENSTamron AF18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II LD Aspherical (IF)
EUROPEAN MACRO LENSSigma Macro 70mm f/2.8 EX DG
EUROPEAN PHOTO ACCESSORYMetz Mecablitz 58 AF-1 Digital

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

*eh* *eh* *eh* tu tu duuuu Du!

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Dr M: Bloggers are only hope left

As Umno musters its forces against the emergence of bloggers, the party’s former president Dr Mahathir Mohamad is urging online dissidents to keep up the pressure on the government.

At a special meeting with bloggers today, Mahathir described bloggers as the “only hope” left to speak out on problems in the country.

“Umno has become completely paralysed. It cannot do anything (to correct itself). The only hope left is with the bloggers,” said Mahathir during a two-and-a-half hour speech to some 100 bloggers at the Perdana Leadership Foundation headquarters in Putrajaya.

Mahathir was speaking on the perceived intolerance of Umno’s leadership towards criticism on allegations of corruption, cronyism and nepotism.

He has been over the past two years attacking number of party leaders, in particular his handpicked successor, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his powerful son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, who is Umno Youth deputy chief.

Up until now, Mahathir had only been expressing tacit support for online dissidents, although he had once dubbed malaysiakini as “traitors to the country” when he was in power.

‘Be brave’

Of late, many Umno leaders have been on an unprecedented warpath against bloggers who criticise the government and its policies.

Mahathir also referred to the eight-hour marathon police interrogation of political website owner Raja Petra Kamarudin as an example of how the authorities can intimidate bloggers.

“You have to gather force. You have to talk to people. Even if you are arrested, you go and talk... If you have only one person doing that, it’s not good enough.

“If you want to do something that is positive, you have to get everybody, as much as possible, and do it openly and say it loud and clear,” said Mahathir who was met with loud applause from the floor.

Citing a recent lecture in a local university, Mahathir expressed disappointment with students who blamed the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) as the reason for not speaking out on issues.

“There are ways to get around the rules and regulations. If you want, if you love your country, you would take the risk,” he added.

Write prudently

However, Mahathir advised bloggers to be careful in their writings and avoid courting negative publicity.

“There are bloggers who use words that are dirty, obscene, personal attacks, monkey, monyet... people would react by saying ‘so those are bloggers? Useless people! Read the mainstream media. The (New) Straits Times tells you the truth,’” said Mahathir with his usual sarcasm.

On the upcoming general election, Mahathir claimed that there would be widespread vote buying due to the precedence set in the recent Selangor’s Ijok and Pahang’s Batu Talam by-elections.

“It is for certain that in the coming general election, a lot of money would be spent in vote buying... if the ruling parties do this, we would be governed by a government that is outrightly involved in corruption,” he said.

“For RM200, people are willing to sell their votes. They are not just selling their votes. Dia jual maaruahnya (he is selling his dignity).”

From: MalaysiaKini

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pig, are all fat... Shit, are all smelly...

[10:56:43 AM] suki says: what about modifiying national anthem?
[10:57:05 AM] The Vampire!™ says: oh.. lol
[10:57:07 AM] The Vampire!™ says: nvr mind that
[10:57:08 AM] The Vampire!™ says: hehee
[10:57:18 AM] The Vampire!™ says: a chinese modify the national anthem
[10:57:26 AM] The Vampire!™ says: and kena taruk kuat kuat
[10:57:35 AM] suki says: i do mind
[10:57:41 AM] suki says: its my national anthem
[10:57:54 AM] suki says: its a lousy joke for me
[10:58:00 AM] The Vampire!™ says: its not a joke
[10:58:03 AM] The Vampire!™ says: never be a joke
[10:58:10 AM] suki says: yes i know
[10:58:17 AM] suki says: but y national anthem?
[10:58:25 AM] The Vampire!™ says: ok
[10:58:30 AM] The Vampire!™ says: what does negaraku mean to u ?
[10:58:32 AM] The Vampire!™ says: my country ?
[10:58:34 AM] The Vampire!™ says: right ?
[10:58:38 AM] suki says: yes
[10:58:41 AM] The Vampire!™ says: what if added some REAL FACT about the country ?
[10:58:44 AM] The Vampire!™ says: isn't that MY COUNTRY too ?
[10:58:45 AM] The Vampire!™ says: no ?
[10:59:09 AM] suki says: what about it
[10:59:13 AM] suki says: ?
[10:59:28 AM] suki says: what is so wrong about it
[10:59:30 AM] The Vampire!™ says:
[10:59:38 AM] The Vampire!™ says: there is nothing wrong
[10:59:43 AM] suki says: so??
[10:59:46 AM] The Vampire!™ says: but those dude think so..
[10:59:46 AM] The Vampire!™ says: lol
[10:59:56 AM] The Vampire!™ says: so the whole incident like "you must say sorry!"
[10:59:59 AM] The Vampire!™ says: "tangkap dia!"
[11:00:10 AM] The Vampire!™ says: all sort of **** thing
[11:00:12 AM] suki says: ive read that
[11:00:24 AM] The Vampire!™ says: neh, let just focus on photography topic .. if any.. heh
[11:00:35 AM] suki says: whatever
[11:00:56 AM] suki says: you put the status
[11:01:01 AM] suki says: in public
[11:01:04 AM] suki says: why cant i argue it
[11:01:09 AM] The Vampire!™ says: sure you can
[11:01:10 AM] The Vampire!™ says: :)
[11:01:37 AM] suki says: still
[11:01:45 AM] The Vampire!™ says: :)
[11:01:48 AM] suki says: its a lousy things for me to do
[11:01:51 AM] suki says: what if
[11:02:04 AM] suki says: people add some fact behind your surname
[11:02:08 AM] The Vampire!™ says: (clap)
[11:02:10 AM] suki says: would you like that?
[11:02:14 AM] The Vampire!™ says: if it is a fact
[11:02:16 AM] The Vampire!™ says: i will first
[11:02:20 AM] The Vampire!™ says: feel ashme of what i did
[11:02:21 AM] The Vampire!™ says: and try to change
[11:02:22 AM] suki says: huh
[11:02:24 AM] suki says: yeah rite
[11:02:31 AM] The Vampire!™ says: if u're an asshole, and being called an asshole
[11:02:33 AM] suki says: talking of a theory
[11:02:35 AM] The Vampire!™ says: why dont you just think
[11:02:37 AM] The Vampire!™ says: why people say so ?
[11:02:44 AM] The Vampire!™ says: rather than, fight back the fact ?
[11:02:44 AM] suki says: yes you may say so
[11:02:52 AM] suki says: i wonder what will happen
[11:02:58 AM] suki says: if it is happening in real
[11:02:59 AM] The Vampire!™ says: what will happen ?
[11:03:02 AM] The Vampire!™ says: i'll need to apology
[11:03:03 AM] The Vampire!™ says: what else?
[11:03:05 AM] The Vampire!™ says: this is malaysia
[11:03:06 AM] The Vampire!™ says: :)
[11:03:12 AM] The Vampire!™ says: we apology on the fact
[11:03:21 AM] suki says: huh
[11:03:27 AM] suki says: if you dont really like it
[11:03:28 AM] suki says: move
[11:03:30 AM] suki says: well
[11:03:33 AM] suki says: thats the fact
[11:03:35 AM] suki says: of course
[11:03:36 AM] The Vampire!™ says: hahaHHAhAHAhAHAHHAhAhA
[11:03:37 AM] suki says: the rulers
[11:03:44 AM] The Vampire!™ says: "cina balik cina!"
[11:03:46 AM] The Vampire!™ says: :)
[11:03:56 AM] suki says: will try to protect
[11:03:57 AM] suki says: what they have
[11:12:52 AM] suki says: better say ntg if he know ntg
[11:12:52 AM] suki says: baca quran pecah nada
[11:12:58 AM] suki says: that is sensitive man
[11:13:05 AM] suki says: thats our religion
[11:13:49 AM] suki says: Salah satu dari bahagian lirik saya ada mengatakan yang sebahagian orang islam melafazkan Al-Quran out of tune, ada pula yang pecah nada, dan ada yang macam kokokan ayam.
[11:13:59 AM] suki says: SUPER FUKCING RUDE!

So, you have the priority of studying med with LOUSY GRADE , entering MNC WITHOUT contributing a shits...
ofcos you care!

ya, pampered spoilt child are not rude, they're just NO MANNER! and NOT ASHAME AT ALL! wooohoo! I like my country. Evolution of certain species!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Stupid people go away!!!

National anthem = Mamula Moon

and you bookie people say can't change the song.

凸 凸


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thats all for this year.

I guess i've completed all those visits this year. quite a happening year for travelling.

Vietnam trip is just so so. No rush at all! Raining season, hazy weather.. potong steam..

Didn't even get to snap any nice photo. SIGH!

And, yesterday, get new toy for my son wife.

RM50.00 from ShaolinTiger thru ShutterAsia

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Went to meet up with bento and fei yesterday. Had Nando's and bought a magazine. BUT, not only that, I've accidentally bought 50mm f1.8 !!!!

RM390 + RM40 for the UV Filter.

Bento's fault for asking me out for dinner.
Fei's fault for saying OK to pass some cash to me first

The portrait of a portrait lens

Sexy sexy!

Spread it half wide.

The 18-135mm brother

hand held == shaky == screwed !

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Monday, August 06, 2007


Received this souvenir from HCL. this time, no more precious stone painting. A multifunction-pen

come in a nice case

Thankfully, the pen have the function of writing. *phew*

It can be extended and be a pointer. Just like the Inspector in Hindi movie. All of the Inspector will have that below their armpit and go like "Good morning , Gentleman" follow by all hindi language.

Torch light!

Infrared !

I'm so boring for the last day. basically, its just a wait of the departure time. 11PM so, did some testing in the room.


the ONLY shape I can draw. DAMN! sucks in drawing.

Sticky man siting on the bed side

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Delhi Revisit - lost count

Been not feeling too well for the past day. There is quiet some issues that need me to follow up, but progress to do the stuff in India is slow. darn!

Same old busy, asking questions, bla bla bla.

Sunil got promoted, and treat us lunch today! Congrats to him! He will be going to a temple located 600+ KMs away from Delhi, and will walk up hill for 14KMs !!! repect him!

DO some editing and cropping on Lotus Temple

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