Monday, January 23, 2006

A week away from CNY!

wow, time flies. Its going to be another new year again. I'll be turning 24 this coming CNY. Looking back on what I have achieved? no.. nothing much.. Anything I missed? no.. nothing much..

Anyway, I come out with PlanA and PlanB for my CNY. (obviously, I'm too free staying at home). To have BEST effect, I will, and YES, I will play selected CNY song through out my CNY. I think my plan work best with selected CNY song too.

Song1 [457KB]
Song2 [1.97MB]

1. Wake up 8AM , have breakfast while reading newspaper.
2. Take a shower.
3. Start some meditation
4. Take an afternoon nap.
5. Drink some chinese tea.
6. Go out for an evening walk.
7. Dinner and read some books.
8. Sleep at 930PM
9. *repeat 1 to 8 for the next day routine

Song1 [761KB]

1. Reach home 6AM after whole night of gambling.
2. sneak in quietly without disturbing everyone at home
3. wake up for afternoon beer.
4. watch tv special
5. tie fire cracker on each neighbour's dog's body
6. vomit(drunk) and prepare for dinner
7. start the fire cracker session
8. go out at 8PM for gambling.
9. *repeat 1 to 8 for the next day routine

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

wow~ cool photoshop effect.

Browse thru some site, and see some photo effect,whereby only certain object is present with original colour while the rest of the area is in grayscale. The feel for this type of photo is very nice. A very good way in bringing up a theme in the photo.

First, pinkShirtDreamGirl suggest "mask". it serve that purpose by applying some mask. But, we cant seem to save the photo down. She do a print screen in stead. Then, I gave up. Until zmin intro this csool sifu to me. FuuThePhotoshopSifu.

With the detailed steps by steps tutes for idiot, I finally manage to get it done! nicely~ (not that the mask isn't good, I just don't know how to save it down.)

Image hosting by Photobucket
original photo shot.

Image hosting by Photobucket
after desaturating the image. walla~

Again, thanks to Fuu for the tutes. And of course the masking technique by PinkShirtDreamGirl

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becareful, just be VERY careful...

Especially to lady, sometimes, somewhere, somebody will wait for your unintentionally exposure. And if you're unlucky enough, you'll be next of the forwarded email.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Click to enlarge.

Ok, i'm NOT one of the sicko who do such thing. This just one out of the hundreds silly photo I snap. Thanks to *censored* who happened to be the ONLY human snapped in this photo. Girls.. be extremely careful next time when i'm around

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Twinkle Little Star

Got this from forwarded email from ahfeifei today. It reminds me of the olden day(simon say). When I was young, I used to go cut my hair in those indian shop. There is N times the barber decided to quit cutting my hair because I cant stop laughing. Result? I end up go back home with "unfinished hair cut" and mum will do the work.

I'm surprised that the indian barber still remember the laughing kid after about 15 years. He admited to the hospital before my mum retired. He looked ill thou..

Indian : Where's your son?

Mom : huh?? the good one or the joker?

Indian : Aint you the one who bring your son to my shop for some hair cut long long time ago?

Mom : ahh... hmm...

Indian : The one who always laugh non stop and pissed me off?

Mom : hahaha so, you're the one! he's in KL working.

Indian : He still laugh that much?

Mom : ...

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Is this true?

Hmm.... did those online test thingy just now, and I got this.. :o

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The journey to the, satay celup.

Last tuesday, its public holiday again. Recently, not too much into good mood. Why? because i'm still jobless :]. I thought that this life will end soon, but, hmm.... First, the almost secured dream job, got screwed up last minute~ damn~~!! Then, out of mind, I reject the offer by second company. Third interview isn't what I belongs to. Ok, back to topic...

Since its holiday, we decided to go have some breakfast together. So, we went to Sri Petaling for some dim sum. Delicious food always come with added MSG. After the breakfast, we feel extremely thirsty, so we decided to go have some drink.

So, we proceed to Port Dickson. The initial plan is to have a picnic there. Yeah right... without any preparation? After about 45 minutes journey, we finally reach there.

The beach isn't nice. But do we have a choice ?

Nothing excited to see.. I see disappointment in fei's face. :)

Numb3rs : oi, thirsty already... lets have a drink.
fei : good idea, how about ice kacang ? last time I came here, I have that too.
Afoi : I want papaya..... *sob sob*

No ice kacang, no papaya. So we have coconut drink.

Numb3rs : Its boring, we come ALL THE WAY here to have coconut~? what the...
Fei : yea man.. foi...
Afoi: *yawn*
Fei : since we're here, how about we go Melacca?
Bento + GF : good idea~

Yeah, our pointless trip, then proceed to Melacca. After another 1 1/2 hours of journey, we reach melacca. Everyone is tired, so we went for ANOTHER drink. This time, the famous Durian Cendol.

Ignore that dude, the decor in the house is nice.

Dont you think so?

Delicious~ *burp*

Its been the third time we come melacca for the past few months. Nothing that we missed actually. So, just some casual walk around along the Jonker Street.

Temple? how about buy a condom here? Its some convenient stall converted from temple building. *dumbfucked*

The library...

Satay Celup for dinner, since bento's gf never try before yet.

SSssssSSSssssssssSSS looks spicy.

The cube bread.

Fei : oi.. start la... eat la eat la..
Afoi : not yet. if not mistaken, later they'll come and add in some spices and peanut.
Fei : *check* oi... there's peanut inside already!
Afoi : wooopss... my bad... ok start..

Everyone in action.





Boss : Excuse me...
Everyone : huh?
Boss : let me prepare for you guys first. *put in spices* *put in peanut*
Bento : Whoa.. luckily we havent start eating it yet.
Afoi : See? told ja...

Then the whole bowl of stuff, doesnt look good. *uurrrkkk* But the taste is still acceptable. Just not very hygienic.

After dinner, we go back to KL. The highway is extremely congested. *phew* luckily not the one who drive.. wahahahhahaha then, fei hint that I should start driving for long distance. Of course, that will be only in his dream. :D

It takes about 2+ hours for us to reach KL.

Basically, this is the pointless, slowest trip I ever had so far. Most of the time of the day, we spend in the car.

Home to Sri Petaling - 10+ KM
S.Petaling to Port Dickson - 90+ KM
PD to Melacca - 104+ KM
Melacca to Home - 150+ KM
total - 454KM

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

caught up act... woopss..

This the shot I snap.

And this the shot my uncle snap. Ooppps... got caught... *ampun*.

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Friday, January 06, 2006

[ l o s t ]

Went for second interview today. Looks like they gonna take me in. But, should I ? I don't know, I can see I'll be SUPER busy and damn-no-life once I started to work in there. As usual, short deadline software house. Whadda expect? sigh.. Pay is so so, work is so so heavy.

However, I asked for some times to consider it. Will reply'em by next Wed. Meanwhile , I'm still hoping for miracle to happen. doesn't look like a too good year for me to begin with. hmmm... stress... I need a trip... (kidding... huaking low in cash at the moment...)

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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Received a call from a company, asking my details. They say they're considering if to get me in. However, they're still pending for decision. *lost*. What should I response during tomorrow's second interview?

Then, received a parcel, from uBuntu. Its some openSource OS, recommended by weng. Its 5 sets with 2 CDs each set.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
It look great from the cover.

Image hosted by
Will find time to test it. Heard you'll have ALL required software in this OS. movie player, open office, to IM and more.

Just goto uBuntu linux and request for the free shipping CDs. Yes, FREE!

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

[ . . . ]

Its the second working day for year 2006. STILL no news from the first company I went to interview. DAMNIT ~!!! "是你的,跑不掉"... but still I don't like the feeling of uncontrol situtation.

Just back from lunch + movie. Tank come look for me for lunch. Went "Ah Siang Bak Kut Teh" in Sungai Way. Its a famous and delicious. Then, we go WAN UTAMA for a movie, "VENOM". I wouldnt recommend this to ANYONE. The movie is kinda boring. The snake isn't very big, and no, it's not horror movie at all. *yawn*

On the way back, received call from the second company I went interview. They asking for 2nd interview. I scheduled it on Friday, 2 P.M. I know i'm dumb, but somehow I still hope the First Co. will call me for 2nd interview today or tomorrow..

Looks like the chances for me to get myself in programming line AGAIN is higher. Damn... I hate it.. I hate the feeling for rushing the god damn project.. but... I need cash to survive..

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