Monday, January 31, 2005

Weather Forecast? My ASS!

Above is the forecast result shown (Real Time)... AND its raining like cats and dogs OUTSIDE.... believe it or not.. When we opened the window... we got some small pieces of ICE as well !! first time touching the ice from the "ice rain" (or whatever its called)

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I want to "piss"

Got this long time ago, and friend of mine send to me again. And STILL find it funny.. so share out.

You nor understand, I want to piss,on ma table!

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BDM1559 << Coward Blardy Drunk Bastard

Yesterday early morning, a friend of mine involved in an accident. Thank god nothing bad happened. It happened around 11 something (11 something and EARLY MORNING? yea.. thats consider EARLY for me) and that damn barger is DRUNK ? wtf ?? drunk at 11 morning? Ok lo.. you win lo... anyway.. this is the "chracteristic" of that useless arse fucking lamer

Plate Number : BDM 1559
Vehicle Type : Van
Driver : Indian
Age : Young
Look-like : Dumb ass who use finger to fuck / 4th day of CNY look (年初四
Temper : Bad.. very bad..

Below is the conversation between my friend and TSS(The Sohai Sucker)

Ck: What happen ah??

Drunken Masterbator : Theetam!!!

Ck: Whats wrong with you?? Are you drunk??

Drunken Masterbator : Dappeyoli!!!

Ck: You dont understand English ? Macam mana mau settle ?

Drunken Masterbator : Cherappu!!!

Ck: .... ok... kita panggil polis

Drunken Masterbator : Oatha!!!


Ck: *哇。。。车尾灯都看不到啊*

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Sunday, January 30, 2005


Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Cause:peer pressure
Symptoms:dolphin noises, embarrassing noises, fingernail lengthening
Cure:electroshock therapy
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:

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Call Him !! Call Him Now!! Call Him 5 Station Away!

Yesterday, went to ahfeifei place first before going to dinner and bowling(sad case). So, I meet up with bento in Bank Negara KTM Station. When the train arriving the platform. Without much effort, I already see him waiting there restlessly.

Bento : meh lan? why so late?

Afoi : Ma la a chai (how i know).... the stupid train ma..

*tu tu...... tu tu.....* Here come the train

Bento : ei... how many more stations to seri setia huh?

*checking the map with binocular*

Afoi : Oh... after we reach KL Sentral, there is EXACTLY 5 more station.

Bento : ok.. then we call him 5 station BEFORE reaching his place k ?

Afoi : wa.. u ada siao or not? when we reach there.. we still need to walk accross the road to wait for him there one..

Bento : dont care.. dont care..

*tung... station kl sentral.. pertukaran ke putra lrt, seremban, sentul...*

Bento : call now, call now!

Afoi : dun1... wait first la... 1 station BEFORE seri setia only call also can la.. arla... lilek aje la!!

- - - - - - - - -
Upon reaching seri setia, Afoi and Bento walking to the spot to wait for Ahfeifei.

Bento : walaneh.. so far one ah.. luckily just now didn'y call him earlier..

Afoi : tau juge ya? heh.. told u..

Bento : yea lo.. you know la.. his history isn't good enough... always also.. uhmm... didn't reach too early nor on time.. bwahahahaha

Afoi : bwahahahhahahaha .. .true... true...

*After 10 minutes*

Afoi : ey.. apa ciam not yet come har? nvm.. i go withdrawl money first.. jom..

*Another 10 minutes*

Bento : what wrong oh?? call him again!

*connecting to ahfeifei*

Afoi : yo... where now?? we reach ALREADY

Ahfeifei : yea yea..coming...

*Next 10 minutes*

Bento : See!? Ask you to call FIVE station BEFORE seri setia dun1.. now we have to wait here so long!

Afoi : err...... how I know!! LoL... lilek aje la.. wa you see you see! the two dog following his owner tightly...

Bento : yea wor..

Afoi : sometimes on the street u can see those begger.. with their dog.. like quite close.. like can communicate that type one.. kinda kewl.

Bento : maybe because both also siao one kua... ha ha ha!

Afoi : .........................

*poorn pooorn*

Bento : Finally!! here comes our ahfeifei!!!

Afoi : hurray!! quick!! the car here moving fast one!! quick! into the car!!

Moral of the story:
1. Do listen to Bento advice, as it is true most of the time

2. Begger and Dog might be both siao one, so they looks like Abang Adik

3. Never expect someone to change the way they are

4. If you think you're so good.. go there at your own NEXT TIME!

5. Must say "heheh.. j/k la.. find something to blog only ma" when the character in this story found out

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L for Lengchai Loser

Afoi defeated kau kau in Saturday Bowling Night.. *sob sob* Ok, ahfeifei is the guru in bowling (at least among us) .. but the point is... the horny bento is the FIRST TIME blower bowler.. arrrghhhhh!!!!!! and he defeated me!!!

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

*你看我不倒* You Cant See Me, You Cant See Me

Search thru my pc doing some clean up routine and found this pic.. hehe.. I think is a good one to share with.. :P

This is the legendary person. doing legendary post.. heard that he'd successfully to make himself invisible already! very very good guy... and most important.. my buddy in college! miss him alot! hehehe

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Flyday Friday night

Another week had past! ahh... its friday night again... not much plan thou... just dinner with friends... going all the way to cheras and have steambot.. wa... steam ah.. before logoff my pc, ahfeifei messaged and said he had a training to attempt.. shesh.. why must it everytime AFTER 530PM ?

No choice... after i reach Kl Sentral, went to McD and PLANNED to have some light dinner first (I dont want to die of hunger while waiting him to finish his training)

Afoi : May I have a Chicken Prosperity

Sexy Waitress : Having here or take away ?

Afoi : having here..babe...

Sexy Waitress : Large or Medium ?

Afoi : Of cos i'm large!! anaconda u know?

Sexy Waitress : *tut tut tut* That will be RM9.97 sir.. enjoy your meal..

Afoi : ehh?? large as of the size of the meal?? woopss....

While having my super heavy meal, ahfeifei called again..

ahfeifei : oi.. might be late.. not going back.. will go look for you straight after work..

Afoi : ok ok. .take ya time man.. no rush.. drive slowly.. i havent reach home yet.

Great.. simply GREAT.. now i'd ordered LARGE chicken prosperity set and he's going to come straight to my hse? *grrrr*

2 Bites , 1 Drink , 3 Fries ... 2 Bites , 1 Drink , 3 Fries ... 2 Bites , 1 Drink , 3 Fries ... 2 Bites , 1 Drink , 3 Fries ... 2 Bites , 1 Drink , 3 Fries ... 2 Bites , 1 Drink , 3 Fries ... 2 Bites , 1 Drink , 3 Fries ... 2 Bites , 1 Drink , 3 Fries ... 2 Bites , 1 Drink , 3 Fries ... If the stupid .My Book of Record show is ever here, I'll break the fastest McD eater record. Damn full now...

After reach home, no sign of ahfeifei reaching soon yet.. so give him a call.. *tut tut* *tut tut* *the number u've dial is currently unavailable* .. Shit.. he rejected my call... nvm... go shower first..

After my shower, I called AGAIN.. *tut tut* *tut tut* *the number u've dial is currently unavailable* .. yea.. Shit again.. and luckily i had my dinner already.. ngek ngek..

Almost 9PM , received ahfeifei's mesg *Just finished my training.. preparing to go off now* So I call him again.. And believe it or not.. *tut tut* *tut tut* *the number u've dial is currently unavailable* SHIET!! apa ni?!!?

NEVERMIND.. so i wait and wait and wait.. and finally he's here.. it took us roughly an hour to reach there (10+PM).. and our friend the Cucumber Girl having serious gastric because she ain't having any dinner YET..

CK : ehh... afoi, you eat so little....

Afoi : yea meh? no ah? see? *swallow 1 1/2 inch diameter fishball*

Cucumber Girl : *still doesn't look good.. as if wanna puke*

CK : shit.. you must had ya dinner already!! shit you!!

Afoi : kekekekekke

As usual, dinner ended peacufully with quite some laughter..

When we are about to leave, horny bento called.

Bento : Yo! where now!

Afoi : Here

Bento : Tiu... later what plan? my copany dinner jiak liao liao!

Afoi : where you want to go? snooker ?

Bento : ehh? can also can also... let me take shower first.

So, our NEXT plan is snooker... and AS USUAL , the snooker session takes hours to end a game.. LoL.. and snapped one of the player's IN ACTION picture..

- - - - - - -
Player X : *Aiming the ball for 5 mins* *phok*

Player X : Ah tiu!!! hiam hiam larm dai!

CK : *tengah bluring* har har!?? meh si ah!? yap jor ah??

- - - - - - -
Player X : *Aiming the ball for 5 mins* *phok*

Player X : Ah tiu!!! *silent*

Yeah, you're right.. second time memang larm dai already

Anyway.. Player X did perform well as well... evidence as shown below..

Player X aiming the straight(I really mean Straight.. VERY straight) for 5 mins

The moment when Player X's white ball hit ON TARGET *hurray*

Player X's white ball stay steady in front of the pot, kai wan siao... no more larm dai..

This shot is so called the climax of the day.. (we had a quite quiet dinner session.. dont we? hehe)

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

A day without work...

*beep* *beep* Its 630AM and my alarm clock sound. Soon after I opened my eyes and trying to get up. I realised I cant. My world is spinning... having a great headache.
No choice... rest awhile and see how... tunggu dan lihat....

*7:30AM* - Not getting any better.... wait and see....

*9:00AM* - Same....

*sms colleague*

Then I continue to sleep...

*11:00AM* - Wake up... and go downstair... hungry... *scanning kitchen* ... no food... *scanning living room* ... no sign of living creature ... so I'm home alone ... it's been soooooo long I never being alone at home at day time! since I graduated ... miss those slumber life style... wait a min.... sofa is making sound.. let me put my ear close to it and listen what secret he want to tell.

*3:00pm* - Wake up from sofa and dial *1-300-888-333*

Operator : Hello Dominos Pizza.

Afoi : Yea.. hi.. good afternoon. I...

Operator : Is this Mrs Lim? From *read address* ?

Afoi : Do I sound like a Mrs.? Anyway.. just gimme a Value Meal 1.

Operator : What would you want for your pizza favour?

Afoi : err.... Chicken pepperoni. hand tossed.. 1 coke 1 sprites..

Operater : *repeat order* The time is 3:00pm now, your pizza will be arrive in 30 minutes, else you'll get a free pizza on your next order.

Afoi : Thank you

*3:28pm* - *bu bup* *bu bup*

Why they always manage to reach on time? else, I can get a free pizza... shesh...

Slowly, I go out to expose to the nasty strong mighty UV .. it takes 5 minutes for the guy to give me back the changes... is that a hint of giving the changes as tips?
yea. i WILL if you're more friendly...

Nothing much happened today... pizza for lunch... tv... surfing... take bath every hour since 3:00pm...

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Poorfessional Professional Snooker Player....... gesture

Player1 : not too bad.. at least no miss que!

Player2: got look... got style.. but FIRST que.. tart que... then "larmdai" N times...

Player3: this pictures tells everything. what you expect from a player when they close their eyes while aiming? (evidence as shown below)

Picture taken soon after Player3 make the shoot.. and noted that, the ball is STILL nicely in their own position.. no changes at all... meaning?? meaning another 5 marks goes into our scores.. ngek ngek!

P/S : There's another Player4 , but due to his FAST and ACCURATE skill... Photographer were unable to capture any photo of his... wasted...

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Why need to wait until u're dead then only go heaven? well , now you can go anytime you like! A good place with ALL good people and good food! A good place to grown up!

Dont ask me who is this 3 people...

Jogging Track


Phuiwo!!!! * 2

Took this pictures during the last trip back to hometown. Just uploaded to my notebook. And feel like showing you guys.

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RedBox ...

See the figure... its blur... but i think still able to guess the figure.. :-)

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Sick. .... very sick.... been feeling not well after lunch today. Todays weather very the nasty.. so hot... shit... wonder if i sit on the stone outside... will the "Arm Chn Tarn" explode or not.. IF it will, hopefully not BOTH.

Anyway.. been a very very very slow day today... after lunch.. i did almost NOTHING at all... sleep for a while on my desk. The most "happening" thing will be, go to pantry refill water.. and sat there for 30 mins for sun bathing.. awww.. thats so nice... the centralised air-con is killing me hard.

Afoi : *meditating in pantry*

Makcik : "budak, apa sal tak kerja? takde kerja ka? ya allah.. syiok-nya"

Afoi : "tak, rasa tak sedap la.. macam mau sakit ni.."

Makcik : "ya... kesian. budak ni... nak panadol?" *taking one a VERY huge bottle from the table*

Afoi : "oh.. tak payah... kasi dia baik sendiri.. heh.. terima kasih ya"

Makcik : "kasi dia baik sendiri? haha.. lambat lah tu... itu hari , makcik sakit juga. Makan ubat pun takde baik. Kesian la"

Afoi : "oh.. yea ka... tak jumpa doctor?"

Makcik : "tak lah tu.. doctor mahal.. lagipun, kasi panadol juga.. tengok.. sini saya ada satu BOTOL"

Afoi : "ya... botol yang TERAMAT SANGAT besar.. hehe"

Emperor Mother : "Makcik, tolong sediakan air.. ada tertamu"

Makcik : "Roger that!"

Afoi : *fast fast walk back to desk and continue act busy*

Emperor Mother : *stare afoi*

Afoi : *turning to colleague* "hey, the error code 2005XMTK2C solved already?"

C : "???"

Afoi : "Yeah.. been busy the whole day... After i complete my on hand task I'll search through the MSDN and look for solution. There's still 5 task on hand currently." *blinking eyes*

C : *eyes look at afoi and focus around* "ohh..... yea.... we're very busy one... take your time"

Afoi : *serious look* "This portion of code is totally unneeded.. i'll write a class to handle it"

Emperor Mother "kam buarn" (satisfy) and walk away

C : "meh lan ?? hai yan"

Afoi : "Fank Q Fank Q.... allow me to hibernate for awhile... headache u know?"

C : "till...."

Afoi : "meh lan??" *goto the last desk and listen closely to the desk if it has any secret to tell*

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Tuesday Night

Yesterday , after work.. me and colleauges went to The Curve. Soon after reach there, my phone rang.

C : "ey... pin tou!?? sei ya sei hou fong... lar lar larm! "

Afoi : "ok ok.."

Yea... you hear me right. Room 44. RED BOX!! LoL... afoi went to RedBox.. thats weird isn't? In case you don't know, afoi is a boring person who just listen to classical music. He cant sing, he cant dance.. what else u expect others to say ? "he can do magik!" yea.. thats right... afoi can do magic!!
So, when we enter the room, there's already 5 of them there... start to show off already.. Afoi spotted a corner whch is not too obvious to hide.

C : "lai lai lai... beer ngam boh!?"

Afoi : "lai lai lai..."

C : "oh.. yea hor.. we never listen to Afoi's singing.. lai lai lai... choose! *hand over remote control*"

Soon after Afoi took the remote control, he trying to break it.. so that he no need to choose one. *poofff* no luck.. in stead, alarm sound. and outside the room , the speaker sound "Room 44, Room 44, stop violating our facility..."

Afoi : "ey.. kenot la... I CANT sing one la.. You guys sing la"

C : "no fun!!! must sing! oh yea.. i heard u ALWAYS sing "sim su sia lang chai" in office one... come come come... lets sing that!"

Afoi : "wtf?? that song is even IN the song list!?? ala wakba!"

C : "ngek ngek ngek.."

Afoi's ball start to shake. The reason why I don't sing is ... well, first, i dont like
to.. second, i CANT.. heh.. all do re mi will be the SAME tone. *check list* Phew, the "Sim Su Sia La Chai" is on the 24th place. Now 650PM already.. and 7PM the buffet start already..

After ONE minute, I check the LIST again. To make sure I'm REALLY safe. Nasty shit happen.

- Song List -
1. 爱与诚
2。 心事谁人知 <- sim su sia lang chai


C : "kekeke.. we cant wait ma.. so we cut que YOUR song"

Afoi : ................ Yau Zhe Yang Zhi Meh ? Ai Meh ?
Well, no choice.. afoi have to sing... and I only know the FIRST TWO sentenses.. but STILL get some Sympathy Cheers.

*kork kork kork*

Waiter : "Sir, the buffet is ready.."

Everyone eat.. yeah.... After getting the food, return to the Haunted Room.

C : "ey ey... this *point* , this *point* , this *point , and this *point* is YOUR song"

Afoi : "Ey, suddenly think of something important to do! contact again later!"

C : "ok lo..."

Afoi : "ey? how come the door is locked?"

C : "you can go out mai go out lo.. ngek ngek"

Afoi : *tua tua tua tua, tua-wu-tua-wu-wang*

*Screaming voice from Room 44*

Well, its NOT that scary btw... hehe... had a little fun in fact.. and to see the bill, its more fun. The funniest is, I pay the bill! together with another buddy. Hehe, its some sort of farewell , as am gonna leave this company next friday. And by then, i'm free !!! hurraay!!!! In other word, i'm jobless........

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Lovely Picture

I like this picture ALOT

Image hosted by

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Old Time Story

While having a good rest in living room, watching tv, having a cold tea, reading newspaper, suddenly this story projects in my mind. Must be because I just told someone about this days ago.

(Over the phone)

Girl : He doesn't love me... *sob* *sob*

Boy : He do... dont be silly...

Girl : No, he doesn't... wahh!!!..... why must he treat me like that?

Boy : No, he LOVE you... trust me... I got to do some stuff now.. can we talk later?

Girl : Do you think he loves me? how you know?

Boy : *WTF!* Well, he just love you... call him ... your argument with him doesn't have to do with me... so why don't u settle with him?

Girl : Should I call him ?

Boy : ..... yea.. you SHOULD do it 1 1/2 hours ago when you first called me and shout...

Girl : Ok then, I need your help. You had 2 phone line in your house and speaker phone right ?

Boy : ... that's MY phone...

Girl : Can you call him and help me to ask him some question, and turn on the speaker phone ?

Boy : *think think* Ok, but give me five minutes, I need to pee.

Girl : hee hee.... notty... ok ok

Boy & Girl : Bye

*hang up*

*tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut*

Boy : hey Dude... is me.. Boy

Dude : yo boy, wassup!!!

Boy : till ..... your girl called.. and complaint EVERYTHING to me.. wtf u done to her !?? make her pregnant ? or you mati pucuk?? Her wee wang wang skill very the ganas man! shit you man...

Dude : heh... i do NOTHING man...

Boy : anyway, she ask me to *fast forward story.......*

Dude : WTF!?? then how !?? why she like that one !???? arrrgghh!!

Boy : You owe me a meal... didn't I tell you i had TWO speaker phone ?? bwahahaha . .I'll just turn on her line to let you listen to it also.. so, you "seng deng" abit k ? and act normal! Lick my ball next time we meet !!!

Dude : You my saviour !!!

Boy : Ok, be prepared and "seng seng deng deng"

*hang up*

Boy : *Take deep breath* *tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut*

Boy : Hello aunty, pass to your daugther please?

Girl : Hi, been waiting for 5 Min 20 Sec already. You're late !

Boy : ....... ok... I'll call him now... (fcuk... why always me the one need to do all this shiet)

Girl : Thanks

Boy : *Take another big breath and sigh* *tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut*

Dude : Speak!

Boy : Hey Dude, It's me *Turn on BOTH speaker*

Dude : yo .. wassup...

Girl : Ask him If he loves me...

Boy : err... ahhemmm... Just wondering.. If you really love Girl

Dude : Whats going on there ? How come bring up such issue ?

Boy : yea... and you think i want that?

Girl : Hey!!

Dude : Well, she's a very very nice and sweet girl.... and Of Course i do...I just think that I dont deserve to have such a lovely girl as my gf.

Girl : Ask him why he treat me that bad.

Boy : ic... so why are you treating her that bad ?

Dude : huh?? did i?? and HOW do you know ??? hey.... is someone beside you??

Boy : errrr........ errr....

Girl : say no.. say no.... puhlez...... tell him I chat with you in the chatroom and told you

Boy : Thru IRC dude...

Dude : sigh... you think i feel good of doing so? Did you know that, everytime after I treat her badly, I'll feel very bad? and no mood to eat? Do you understand that, she's even more important than myself? I dont want to lost her... But most of the time, things will not as what it supopse to be... I'm feeling so... down...

Girl : ahh... he's such a nice guy... Ask him if he will call me tonight ?

Dude : yes.. I will

Girl : ??? How come he can listen to what i said!??

Boy : *Holly Shit Mood* Dude... .WTF is the "yes i will" about

Dude : *panic* ... ohh.. sorry.. am drinking water just now... let me finish my sentese.. am about to say "yes, I will try to make things work between both of us.. and yes... I think i dont want to lost her... and yes... I want her to be my gf"

Girl : ohh... so he's not answering to my question... that's why i'm curious why he can listen to me...

Boy : *LOSNL* Well, i gtg now.... guess thats too much for me to take anymore... just call her tonight k ?

Dude : sure.. and sorry for the TROUBLE .. u know.... *LOSNL*

Boy : yea sure... jom StarCraft!!

Dude : Kenot la.... bike kena locked by mom liao... armteh..... i gt run now... talk to you later.. bye!

Girl : Thanks Boy, I need to take go have my dinner now. Been empty stomach since early morning. Thanks alot

*hang up*

Boy : TIU LEI dude!!!! just now you hiam hiam bocor rahsia... HENG AH!!!!

Dude : MARDE ...... HIAM HIAM!! laneh !! HENG AH!!! ey... JOM! StarCraft !!!

Boy : ehh? I thought your bike kena locked ?

Dude : Locked ? heh... If it's not locked Seconds ago, how can we enjoy our StarCraft One on One !?? Let you 10 mins + left hand also can win you

Boy : Lai lar ! See you in TeeSee in 10 mins!

*story end*

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Break In ? Ghost ?

12:10 AM , while afoi having his wet dream with someone special , suddenly ... a huge and noisy sound out from his window wakes him up...

afoi : *shocked* what happen ah~!? *check clock* till.... wtf? how come sounds like got people walking on the roof ?? *pull up blanket till the head*

*kitchen's door downstair opened!*

afoi : tian ling ling... di ling ling!! cup cup ru lai ling!! huat ah!!

*foot step sound walking from downstair towards upstair*

afoi : shit.... door is not locked... ah... till.... yo ollah!!! shit.. how !?? wth is that!? a ghost? a theif !??? *blanket STILL covered above head*

SUDDENLY , afoi's room door OPENED! afoi jump up from his bed and start the karate ready to fight style (p.s : afoi USED TO BE a president of TAEKWONDO club during school time.. *ahhemmm* )

uncle : ey.. got listen any sound from roof top boh?? got see shadow walking out of ya window anot ? *walk towards window and have a peek*

afoi : no... no... is that u that open the door downstair just now?

uncle : yea la woei... abo ?? u thought what?? auto sensor meh??

afoi : ....

uncle : good night *closed door*

afoi : k... g'nite... *rush to lock the door* Shit.. it's 12.25AM .. and how am i supposed to sleep now ?? *take guitar, go back to bed* (p.s : guitar is right beside, just in case... need to grab any weapon.. to protect own arse..)

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

n-null-the ball-ring da-i

Its been days after i discovered i ever had a blog created, and didn't update it. Simply because i don't know what should i do with it. AND our boh huud anonymous (*cough* *cough* ben *cough*) already ask for something new here.

Just tried FireFox in office today, and it surprise me.. like it.. and guess will dump my IE real soon.. real soon... To find out more, heres the link- (yea.. i know it isn't new thing to try... )

Today is today, tomorrow will be tomorrow, yesterday was yesterday... (trying to make this post longer abit) I wonder how can people write for so darn long in their blog.. just dont understand... nai-a an neh ??? Well, some people like to share their point of view in politics, some like to make fun of others.. and some..share their problem... When we blog, we'll expect people to read it right? so, we're DIRECTLY sharing our secret/sorrow with the public. It need alot of courage in doing so thou.. at least i dont think i have ANY to share currectly. Today is today, tomorrow will be tomorrow, yesterday was yesterday... (second attempt.. )

Another 19 days, and I'll be officially jobless... i dunno, but i'm actually kinda excited about that... there is no right or wrong decision in making the move to discontinue my contract.. Today is today, tomorrow will be tomorrow, yesterday was yesterday... (yea... third one there) I just need some time to rest.. and talking about that, i already started to work as contract worker for almost 5 1/2 months already. Time flies... and i cant really tell what i did for this days... nothing worth mention at all.

It is time... it is time to hibernate... dengan itu, skian sahaja , salam sejahtra *stupid rtm theme playing in backgroud , light dimmed , show "casting" , sarikata oleh afoi*

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Monday, January 17, 2005

Weird Weird Weird!!!

I had a blog!!???? haa...haaa!

today, while i busy tidy up some shitty coding, our fellow good friend benjamin SUDDENLY ask me to create a blog, so that he can leave his "precious" comment there..and i rejected that idea...
now, at night... back at home.. and surfing net.. i FOUND OUT i had a blog!! That's weird... i dont even remember i registered for one!!! LOL

So, Ben, here it is.. MY FIRST BLOG!!!!!! *ahhemmm*

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