Thursday, March 31, 2005

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Back to KL home at 7 something. Dong feel like doing anything. Tomorrow, I'll start my work again. After 1 1/2 months of break, seems like having some hard time to continue working. Just feel uncertain about the future workplace, the people there.

From tomorrow onwards, I'll be based in Subang for 6 months. From previous job, I found out something (not so)interesting. Every 3 months, will add an extra week, so, 3 Months + 1 week * 4 == 13 weeks a quarter year. 3Months * 4 quarter * 4 weeks + (1 weeks * 4 quarter) == 52 weeks. So, 6 months will have 6 * 4 weeks a month + 2 weeks == 26 weeks. Another 26 weeks, I hope I'll free like a bird AGAIN!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

[Update] Tremor@1210AM

Update : .Based on the map there.. It seem like quite near Medan..

205 km (125 miles) WNW of Sibolga, Sumatra, Indonesia
245 km (150 miles) SW of Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia
535 km (330 miles) WSW of KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia
1410 km (880 miles) NW of JAKARTA, Java, Indonesia

sissyli... hope he's fine.. he havent reply my sms yet.

Just now plan to go out walk walk.. then see outside "water silent river fly" so continue sleep first.. tomorrow only hit count. But I dong think I'll able to sleep... This is my first time. I thought some "good brother" humping my back. I SERIOUSLY think IT WAS! until my mum told me she felt that tremor also.

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SHIT!! Just felt a tremor which last 5 minutes !! Mum got awaken by the tremor and ask "what happened ar?" also! this is DEFINATELY not me hillucinating!!! damn.. just wish to drop this short post... going out with mum now.. SHIT!!

Just got confirmation from my brother. KL can feel the tremor as well.. ALSO, malacca, where his gf a.k.a my tai sou felt that tremor also!!

Please.. no more major disaster. Amitabha...

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Monday, March 28, 2005

[Recap] Song

Here is the "recap" for the song I got from friends. Well, please, IF you consider cursing, swearing, being pervert is a sin, please, do NOT go to the link below. I treat those song as a pisspiece of ART(some people look down at ARTS.. yes.. am talking about you.. dog eye!) Look at the creativty, I really think the creator must be very good. Maybe can apply in a more "widely acceptable" way. To those who can take/understand the fun, enjoy the song.

Hokkien Song


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Huak Huaking Huaker 高薪人士

Talking with a friend over the net. Then she tell me this bastard who very ego and lansi. Below were the minor conversation she show me.

高薪人士[R1]: u heard of Aharmduly JiShu?
高薪人士: heard of Aharmduly JiShu?
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: why ler
高薪人士: formerly a part of Hampu
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: u working there?
高薪人士: a US company
高薪人士: got office in Perak
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: i never heard, u ask me what also i wont heard of wan
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: ahahaha
高薪人士: they offer me internship
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: good lar
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: go
高薪人士: HP u heard b4?
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: i can go visit u in perak summore
高薪人士: Calculator...
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: Hampu?
高薪人士: yes
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: of course i hav lar
高薪人士: Aharmduly is part of Hampu la
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: u dont think me so mangan baru can
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: my calculator all Aharmduly wan
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: ahahahhaa
高薪人士: but Aharmduly has become a independant company
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: me loyal supporter of Hampu ok
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: big company ar?
高薪人士: Aharmduly is for communication services
高薪人士: see 4 urself how big it is
高薪人士: :P
高薪人士: but far....thinking about it
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: hahaha... can go
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: so nice
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: i can go visit u summore
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: before i go back, i can go perak summore
高薪人士: BlindGirlGF is here la
高薪人士: :P
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: hahahaahahaha
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: can lar
高薪人士: she got a job ady
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: wahh so fast?
高薪人士: even b4 graduation
高薪人士: yes
高薪人士: very geng
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: aiseh
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: very nice ler
高薪人士: RealMadrid
高薪人士: u know?
高薪人士: dun tell me u dunno again
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: i scare i ja dau when i go back
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: ahahaa
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: i memang dunno
高薪人士: RealMadrid wor!!!!!!!!!!
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: no lar i dunno wan
高薪人士: sigh...
高薪人士: ok
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: u doong believe u go ask Anonymous see if she knows
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: ahahhahahaa
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: blur ppl are memang liddat
高薪人士: it is the largest penis owner in the world
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: bukan the company not famous enuf, is me ignorant...
高薪人士: Anonymous knows
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: ohhhhh
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: oh yeah ke
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: ahahhahaa
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: good for her lar
高薪人士: very high pay
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: wahhh
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: good manz
高薪人士: for a fresh graduate
高薪人士: ARTS graduate summore <- what the fuck you mean by this!? dog eye!
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: very good very good
高薪人士: i can makan nasi lembut
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: hahahahaahahaha
Min Fa Jeong Jeong Moon Yan: u makan nasi reput can
高薪人士: hahah
高薪人士: i gtg.. cya next time

Heard that this dude ALWAYS tell people how fucking great he is.. like, he can do a 360 back flip with his little john (Although I doubt if he had one).And believe it or not, there is still guy who think girl SHOULD NOT study so much. WTF? Are you the fucking retarded dude who came from Dynasty CheebyeChing.

Damn, first, the most wanted to drill is MJ.. now this dude got it more than MJ.. so dude.. u're FIRST in the list.

*Names changed to protect the ppl involved.

高薪人士 - People who work with HIGH PAY. ooo... jealous... tell me more about high pay.. duh..

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Weeks ago, when we had our dinner at Bangsar, there's some conversation related with the "Sains Tingkatan Tiga, Bab Satu". Somehow, someone lead the question to.. period.. PMS.. while disgusting disscussing about how suffer a girl is when going thru her period, we havig our fries dipping the tomato source.

Girl : *shout* You dong know how suffer we are!! If you guys have period then you know!

Afoi : wa... 血滴子*杜杜*[R1] meh?

Guys : *think* HAHAHAHHHA

Girl : What about 血滴子*杜杜* ? Whats that?

Afoi : Heh. you can just forget about it.

Girl : Tell.. *pinch afoi*

Afoi : ahh...... uhh... you know... If guy ever had period, then it will be 血滴子*杜杜*

Girl : Dont understand.

Afoi : Better dont.

Girl : *shout* What is 血滴子*杜杜*!

Now SOME people start to watching us.

Afoi : 血滴子 is an old ancient weapon used by chinese.

Girl : and what's with the 血滴子*杜杜* ?

Afoi : 子*杜杜* le?

Girl : *shout* what is 子*杜杜*?

Afoi : *shout* 子孙根!

I just know that we laughing non stop and I start to sweat alot! ahh.. am feeling hot..

Reason why I brought up this boring thingy again is, today, we went WongCock to have a late dinner. Then went to this VCD shop. The FIRST VCD I saw is


Reference :
血滴子 - 这血滴子究竟是什麽东西,或者说究竟是什麽样的东西,完全没有记录可循,所以 也没有人知道,也所以值得研究。 这血滴子是雍正皇帝的特务系统所使用的一种武器,这种武器杀人的方式,是专门 把人头从人的脖子上取下来。 可以使人头和脖子分开的武器很多,大刀砍、利斧挥,都可以达到目的。而这个血 滴子却不是寻常的武器,从可以看到的记载中,它在使用的时候,是「放出去」的。然 而它又不是可以「取人首级於千里之外」的飞剑。 它使用时,和目标的距离不会太远,把血滴子放出去(或者是抛出去),它会把目 标的头罩住,然後割下目标的头,再收回来。割下的人头,就在血滴子里面被带了回来 ,所以被害的目标,就成了无头尸体,十分恐怖。 这血滴子的使用过程如此,可是它的具体形状如何,又如何一下子就可以把脑袋割 下来,现在已经没人知道。Lazy to do a full translation. Basically, its a weapon which intend to chop off the enrymy's head. Its like a Tin with a string attached. But, not much info regarding this weapon.

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Sunday, March 27, 2005


Tonight dinner at Halo Cafe. The 3 guys performing.. cool and lengchai! so do the bar tender.. had some great laugh there.. but been in low luck.. I not only see ghost! I even manage to snap a photo.. Tomorrow I'll be going back hometown to pray in the temple.. very scared......

Original Picture



fake JinZhi

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Leisure Mall Pasar Malam

Went to night market in Leisure Mall last friday. Its quite long and quite happening.. we walk and walk and walk, while getting some junk food to eat. bento, me, dai ngan mui soh soh go buy a drink called "yu hua" something.. then saw this doll hanging on the machine they shake the milk.


And you can see the aunty in background.. like attended some of those japanese military kamikaze marine training. You know, those with the knife infront of the gun. and go like "attack!!!" STAB!! STAB!! and the dude beside is on the boat... swinging left and right..

After that, we went to this hong kong style coffee shop to have a drink. Bento ordered a 贡丸汤.. but look damn weird. He must be enjoying that dessert.. Just dont understand why he had a green face look after that. Then I ordered "Hong Kong Seafood Fruits Salad Mayonise Source Icy Golden Crispy Yummy Cake". The source is just... uhhmmm.. SO thick!

WTF is this?
Bento's 贡丸汤

THICKER than aiye
"Hong Kong Seafood Fruits Salad Mayonise Source Icy Golden Crispy Yummy Cake" with the source holding upside down and STILL sticking strong in the source plate. *respect*

Well, that shop.. with quite hong kong style. smoky like hell.. I wonder the Air Refresher come with Cigar flavor. Got the smell where I normally only get it after snooker session on my shirt. A quiet friday outing.

Word of the day : 爱液

Quote of the day : 年轻人,我们做人要淫水湿园。。。为了达到目的,我们要。。沙白沙白。。

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Friday, March 25, 2005

damn... hiam hiam lai yea...

downloaded some download-acceleration program and all my network setting got fucked up.. screwed up the adapter.. holly shit... thank god I can still restore it.. ahamdulila...... amitabha.....

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Those were the day

Slept at 9 something PM yesterday.. and wake up at 3AM.. shit.. Life isn't getting better lately.. been abnormal.. Then, go down and surf net awhile. Suddenly, I miss my ex. The one with Hour Glass figure. The one who will only sound when I want her to. Yes, my precious guitar.

I played guitar at 330AM!! who cares!? My neighbour even bang the wall and shouting "Shut the fuck up". So I really don't care. His banging sounds rhythmic. So, I follow his beat and jamming with him. Played some metallica song.

Then, I start to clean up my room. How rarely you get afoi clean up his room? yes, never.. I accidentally found this paper in the stack of useless lecture notes. All the memories keep on coming up my mind. Ahh.. I really miss those day... Those day without much worries.. Those day we go deep sea every morning.. ahh.. how nice..

Anyway, that paper is some sort of game we played during lectures. Its called "Two word game" where everyone contribute two words to make the sentense grow to a story. Its lame, Its FUN!!!

Story #1
One day, I meet Red Face in APIIT. Asshole 2B get high and fuck AbanG's friend Deveros in arsehole. Shit lah...why gay? It is so tight... cause its still virgin like britney. "I want"... Chumi's friend 2B likes Mily's classmate Red Face. AbanG fell in to well named long cheng.

Story #2
Today AbanG shit on 2B frien's deveros named Bento. He love Red Face, AbanG's girl. Actually no, he's gay. What the shit lah. Brown shitlor, very healthy

Story #3
When I have sex, I will get high easily. So, I'll start scream "Red Face" boleh!!! Then sissyli suck 2B arsehole from small become loose. Later on, he cry shouting pain, Red Face sar "Good!". After that, 2B get horny and masterbate on RF. The sex manian die! Red Face start to cry. 2B lick her boobs very big.

End of this stories, theres my writing "this sucks!!!" Yes.. IT IS.. but we had fun! LoL.. simply CHILDISH act.. but dont give a fuck.. as long as we like it.. Anyway, the story meant to be a LONG story. But since got stucked up and do not know how the hell to continue, it end up to be 3 different story.

Talking about those old day, I really tressure it alot. During lunch time, one must really observe the situation carefully. IF you see people around you looks weird and start to speed up their meal. You know its the time. Its the time to either finish before them and run as fast as you could to the car. Else... you'll have to chase the car. All the bastards(including me) will locked the car door once they enter the car. Leaving the ONLY victim exposed to the sun. I myself kena THREE TIMES in ONE SINGLE DAY. SHIT!!

Wish to be with them together enjoying every single moment again.

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Prank Call

Today is a rainy day.. been hibernating on e sofa since I woke up. wait a minute, I never woke up until 4 something! Receive this call, number is not within my phonebook.

Afoi : hello?

Unknown : hello? err....

Afoi : yes?

Unknown : is it a number of someone with the surname Lim ?

Afoi : yes.. what you want?

Unknown : ahh.. ok.. did you order a coffin?

Afoi : NO!

Unknown : kakakak.. its me la! weng siu

Afoi : FUCK!!! ush !!!!

- - - - - -

Brain been damn slow.. and abit got shock by this prank call.. chat for a while.. hah... good to hear from weng siu again.. yeah.. we'll be sticking our ass on fire for the coming 6 months.. *pray*

This prank call reminds me of the one I received years ago, when I was still in my secondary school time. It was from some Gaylo Fucka whos identity still remain mystery until today.That day were a sunny day, unlike today. While I was half way having my lunch.. this god damn phone rang. Be frank, I thought it's from police station. Been into quite a serious crime on that time. ngek ngek ngek.. which is irrelavent to share over here.

Afoi :

Unknown : hi afoi

Afoi : hi. who is on the line?

Unknown : your admirer

Afoi : ok..wassup?

Unknown : ey.. do you know that I like you alot?

Afoi : er.. I mean... who doesn't? (fucker.. you damn gay! fuck off!)

Unknown : when you play guitar that time. You look awesome.

Afoi : thank you.

Unknown : aiyo.. you no longer play guitar meh ?

Afoi : nop

Unknown : so, what you doing there ?

Afoi : having my lunch.. you ?

Unknown : playing with my dick.. uhh (moaning softly)

Afoi : . . . .

Unknown : do you want to play with me ? (continue moaning)

Afoi : nop

Unknown : then what you want to play?

Afoi : guitar

Unknown : . . .

Then, when I thought everything will be a lame Q&A session, it sounds like someone is picking up the phone from his side. Then start to dial some number.

*tut tut tut tut*

Afoi : meh lan ?

Unknown : . . .

Unknown Female : ey? Ah Yong ah ?? you using phone line ar? soar-ly....

Unknown : *hang up*

While Unknown Female STILL on the line, I was about to talk to her regarding her retarded gaylo fucka son, she hang up too. Shit! too slow! and I only knew ONE "Ah Yong" who happened to be a GUY. I questioned him, but he denied.

It is true that, what you did, you'll have to pay back. As I was into some prank call activity when I was even younger. To those victim.. sorry. I promise I will not ask you all to go bus station to pick up your relative anymore. Neither will I ask anyone of you to pee early in the morning.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

[Joke] 超有创意的名字串






手使出 劍氣 潘迎指,

沒想到卻引來了李蚊 和 鄭秀蚊。

Link taken from

To the creator.... *salute* now I'm glad that, there's some people even more boring than me...

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Deep Troat Thoughts by Vincester

Just finished chatting with vincester. Message him after seeing his nick "What a life I have". Then it lead to some serious conversation about life. hmmphh.. been long time never have such talk with some close friend. Well, it certainly makes both of us think abit on our life. I remember I have all this kinda thought almost everynight once in my life. Those we kinda my low esteem life.

For me, as long as I live life live, I'll be fine. Why must one suffer themself to save for the last, and only start enjoying when they're old? (Only if they had the chance to do so). It remind me of some of those story full of inspiration.

Story #1:
An old rich man went to a nice peaceful town for fishing. On his half way fishing, one young man join him.

Young man : Yo.. wassup!!

Old man : The sky with some cloud. good day, young boy.

Old man : Why are you doing here? When I was at your age, I spend most of my time earning money. And now, I'm rich! Thats why I can enjoying my life here! You should start to think of your future, young man.

Young man : Oh, so you're here to enjoying your life after a whole stress life ?

Old man : Yup.. time to enjoy!

Young man : Well, what you think I'm here for then?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Story #2:
Cant really remember on this one. But then the meaning is more a less like this one. <- not part of story, yet.. the story goes like this -> There's is 2 friend, Dan and Dave. They worked together, having same background, and earn same amount of money. However, their thinking was very different.

Both of them spotted their ideal condominium.Looks like there have the SAME taste this time. Dave taking a risk of not being able to finish his installment and start to buy that unit after 2 years of working. He pays the installemtn with most of his income. Although sometimes, he's having a hard time, but he do enjoy his new home.

While Dan is a conservative guy. He would go for playing a safe game. Thats why a condom is a must for him 24-7. He save most of his money , and spend only little on basic needs. He even have fast food quite often as his meal. After 20 Years of saving, he finally have the amount of buying that same condominim Dave owned. But then, he'd diagnosed to have cancer in final stage. He passed away 1 year later after he bought the unit.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What I think of this stories. We, as a human being, most of the time been thinking too much. We cant even know what will happened next, how can we plan for our future?
Everything come with its limit. When you over the boundry, things will not be what they supposed to be anymore. Enjoy your life while you still can, and save up for the future abit as well. Afterall, you'll not know if you will be able to enjoy with the money you saved.

With this two stories, I comes with this aim in my life. "To seek for happiness". Yes it doesn't come easy. But, it's not hard either. There is few ways to find happiness.

Method #1 : have sex with your partner, then get her/yourself pregnant. named your child "happniess". Then, you'll have happniess in less than a year!

Method #2 : do a google search. "Results 1 - 10 of about 9,500,000 for happiness [definition]. (0.16 seconds)". Within 0.16 seconds, I found 9,500,000 happiness!!

Method #3 : Appreciate what you have.

Method #3 seems easy. consist of only four words. Satisfaction comes with happiness. Its like they telling you KFC Snack Plate with one piece of chicken, but give you another with FREE. or Dominos Piza Delivery comes with the box. So, be satisfied, afoi!!! you already got 23 decks of card !!

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Monday, March 21, 2005

Diam Dit Tark Mou!!!

This happened when me and dai ngan mui waiting for ahfeifei,bento,siu kat.

Dai Ngan Mui : wa.. shit.. headache..

Afoi : dim ar?? *blinking eyes*

Dai Ngan Mui : *pek chek*

Afoi : why headache still want to come out ?

Dai Ngan Mui : Out already then only headache one.

Then, this police car come by, signaling us to not parking at the road side. No choice, we go one round. Then come back park at the SAME spot.

10 mins had passed. No sign of they reaching , yet. So, we decided to call them again.

Dai Ngan Mui : Where are you all?

Bento : Wa.. very jam ah... we stuck in the traffic.

Dai Ngan Mui : Then where are you all???

Bento : Somewhere neat wisma UOA.

Dai Ngan Mui : We ARE infront of Wisma UOA.

Bento : Oh? I Don't know where are we also.. haaha

Dai Ngan Mui : Not funny. We wait you outside the carpark we parked last time.

Bento : Ok.

- - - - -

5 mins had gone. STILL dunno where are they. and then police come again. so we go round AGAIN for the second time.

Dai Ngan Mui : Location please...

Ahfeifei : Wa.. Still stuck in the traffic.

Dai Ngan Mui : Then where are you guys now????

Ahfeifei : I also dunno ah..

Dai Ngan Mui : OK, what LANDMARK you can see NOW?

ahfeifei : err.. wisma UOA, Mandarin Oriental ... err..

Dai Ngan Mui : Look, we're IN FRONT of Wisma UOA for like... 20 mins already!

ahfeifei : really? icic.. oh. btw.. we might park car near KLCC there..

Dai Ngan Mui : What the............................................

- - - - -

Dai Ngan Mui damn "bu shuang" already.. and start to wee wang wang. Dai Ngan Mui decided to talk to makcik .

Dai Ngan Mui : Hi dear, where are you all now?

Afoi : lick lick (talking ownself at the car)

Siu Kat : I also dunno

Dai Ngan Mui : No good!! Where you guys plan to park the car?

Afoi : lick lick (talking ownself at the car, again)

Siu Kat : I also dunno

Dai Ngan Mui : No good AT ALL!

Afoi : lick lick (talking ownself at the car)

Siu Kat : We see XXX building now.

Dai Ngan Mui : please wait a sec *take off the phone* Diam Dit Tark Mou? *damn bu shuang expression*

Dai Ngan Mui : *talk to the phone* ok continue. Can you guys wait us there?

Siu Kat : OK..

ROTFLOL!!!! I must tell you , afoi is LAUGHING OUT LOUD deep inside his heart! LOL this is fun !! Its always fun when you're making people damn tulan and you know he/she will NOT keep that in mind after tht!

Then, For the THIRD TIME, we go make ANOTHER ROUND. and STILL, no sign of they all, YET. When we reach at the SAME SPOT, we saw ahfeifei's car. He supposed to lead us tothe carpark, but turn out.. dunno which way he want to go.. and Dai Ngan Mui jit tau go make ANOTHER round.. and decided to park at the initially agreed car park. On this 4th time of the round, some indian guy stoped us

AnNehNeh : Yialo , just want do diao you , Ai saw for times arf this same plate number. you shoot go buy toto tomorrow.

Since then, "diam dit tark mou" gonna be the next must-use-word-in-daily-routine.

Diam Dit Tark Mou !!!???

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Last saturday, I got cheated by Bento and Dai Ngan Mui to come out. [conffesion]. Bento tell me will go some of those WowWowCafe to have a drink only. Then, later, It turn out to be at TwelveSI.

Afoi : AK-47
Bento: Corona
Dai Ngan Mui : Beer
Siu Kat : Beer
Ahfeifei : White Russian, then changed to Black Russian

AK-47.. it must be cool one! This is what I thought. But, "WYWWNBWYGMOTT"[R1] , it turn out to be like those drink for pussy. SHIT!!

Second Round :
Afoi : Corona
Bento: Baileys
Dai Ngan Mui : Corona
Siu Kat : Corona
Ahfeifei : K.O <- not a drink, but he knocked out. plus, driving.

Chat until 230AM , then cabut.

Image hosted by
Siu Kat and Dai Ngan Mui

Image hosted by

Ok, new stuff we come up with. "Diam Dit Tark Mou?" (best come with "lick lick")

Reference :
[R1] "WYWWNBWYGMOTT" - "What You Want Will Not Be What You Got Most Of The Time"

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Last friday, went to bistro named "1957" to have a drink. Its kinda weird friday gathering. First, we went Bangsar to have McD. WTF!? Then, this super smell african man come upstair. hualaneh...

We ordered some cocktail drink.
Afoi - B-52
Bento - Tom Collins
Dai Ngan Mui - Magarita Lime
Vincester - Pina Colada

Well, bento have his drink served first. After he drank his drink. I smell pamelo.

Afoi : ey.. nai a an neh?[R1] How come i smell pamelo one ?

Dai Ngan Mui : yea lo yea lo !!

Bento : fuck.... this drink sucks!

*followed by vincester's drink*

Bento : how how how? hows your drink taste like ?

Vincester : *with the looking far far away, having deep thought face* err.. It taste like some of those china rabbit sweet

Everyone : ROTFLOL

Then, here comes B-52 ! wow... Never know it's in so small glass.. heh... anyway.. it looks like very steam... and YES.. it IS very steam. Everyone cant stop laughing once come near and smell that pure alcohol smell!

And this Dai Ngan Mui's magarita looks like those "Chap Shueit"[R2]. To be honest, I like my drink alot.. at least it dont have this weird pamelo smell, or extra snowy ice, or some china rabbits sweet taste. After bento have a taste on vincester's drink, we officially declare that's the WORST drink of the day!! Surprisingly, this Bento, Vincester, Dai Ngan Mui all like having some minor "wee wang wang"[R3] after finished their drink, while afoi still going strong.

After the drink, everyone seems tired. So we decided NOT to wait for ahfeifei. Then, this Dai Ngan Mui out of sudden, pull out a spray from her bag, and start to spray on her face!

Vincester : shit.. waht's taht!?

*spray vincester face*

Bento : eyer!!!!

*spray Bento face*

Afoi : *silent*

*spray afoi face*

Afoi : WTF!? I make no noice!! *sniff* What the.. what smell is this !??

Dai Ngan Mui : rose! ngek ngek..

Afoi : and WHY THE HELL you spray this rose thingy on ya face!?

Bento : some kinda refresher i guess. *start to rub his face to make the liquid absorbed by his face"

Everyone : ewwww!!!!

Image hosted by
Bento with Vincester's Thumb Down. Yea right! wait until your drink man!! LOL

Image hosted by
Vincester start to realise, 一山还有一山高[R4].

Image hosted by
Dai Ngan Mui reliefed with her not-too-weird-looking-drink

Image hosted by
Afoi with his B-52 !

Well, the reason why afoi choosed B-52 is because his old house's address happened to be 52-B. Then, B-52 also a very chun bombing plane. Who the heck will expect it comes in smaller size.

Image hosted by
Dai Ngan Mui spraying the mystery liquid. I still dont believe it's rose extract.

Image hosted by

References :
[R1] "nai a an neh" : "how can that be!?"

[R2] "Chap Shueit" : A local dessert. blended ice

[R3] "wee wang wang" : the feeling of dizziness. Or, someone mumbling non stop. e.g: After few shot, afoi start to "wee wang wang" already. e.g: THE CHILD hi bento keep on "wee wang wang" the girl to be his girlfriend

[R4] "一山还有一山高" : Direct Translation. One Moutin is High, Yet Another Moutain is Higher. Which means, never think you're so great, as someone will be greater than you.

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Interacial Video ?

Sunday afternoon, hot as usual.. doing nothing.. check the sitemeter, then found this in the list. " video" LoL looks like some dude searching some interacial porn video, and my blog return as one of the search result.. silly.. and i just cleaned 49 spyware files, and 97 registry value.. wow... yao mou lan?[R1]?

[R1] yao mou lan - "got dick or not?". Synonyms: "sure or not!?" "serious?" "i cant believe it!"

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

While I half way hibernating on the sofa, I suddenly woke up.. and sensed something bad had happened. Below were the alert warning I get from Norton Personal Firewall.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Rule "Default Block NetBus Trojan horse" blocked (,NetBus(12345))
Inbound TCP connection
Local address,service is (YOUR-96E107B735(,NetBus(12345))
Remote address,service is (,1687)
Process name is "N/A"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

who the fuck!??? asshole!! Then this sifu ahfeifei ask me to try tracking the server down. By the "nslookup" command, below were the result. WTF? so, this is useless.. cant find server name... *grrrrr*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner>nslookup
DNS request timed out.
timeout was 2 seconds.
*** Can't find server name for address Timed out

*** can't find Non-existent domain

C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner>nslookup
DNS request timed out.
timeout was 2 seconds.
*** Can't find server name for address Timed out

*** can't find Non-existent domain
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Next, I tried the "tracert" command. mehlan[R1] ?? still the same ? host unreachable? hmmphh.....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner>tracert

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 Destination host unreachable.

Trace complete.

C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner>tracert

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 1674 ms 1452 ms 1234 ms
2 1013 ms 780 ms 999 ms
3 764 ms 1045 ms 968 ms
4 827 ms 999 ms 890 ms []
5 1312 ms 1280 ms 1278 ms
6 1233 ms 1374 ms 1546 ms []
7 1670 ms 1530 ms 1452 ms
8 2029 ms 2062 ms 1983 ms POS1-1.IG3.SAC1.ALTER.NET []
9 1592 ms 1452 ms 1531 ms []
10 1623 ms 1812 ms 1812 ms POS7-0.IG2.SAC1.ALTER.NET []
11 2249 ms 2327 ms 1826 ms []
12 1654 ms 1452 ms 1437 ms
13 1510 ms 1749 ms 1843 ms
14 1811 ms 2030 ms 2154 ms
15 1842 ms 2233 ms 1968 ms
16 1264 ms 1483 ms 1265 ms

Trace complete.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Then , the VisualTracker service retun the result. It shows the destination is from Korea.

inetnum : -
netname : HANANET
description : Hanaro Telecom Co.
Kukje Electronics Cneter Bldg. 1445-3 Seocho-Song Seocho-Ku
country : KR

Well, fyi, I've used NetBus YEARS AGO... hello?? anybody home? NetBus ?? you're fucking nuts of what ? anyway... I really wish I can curse you to hell, but I'm KIND enough.. so, may you have a better life, and fuck off! bastard!

Reference :

[R1] "mehlan" - which carry the similiar meaning with "wtf" , direct translation - "what dick?"

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Friday, March 18, 2005

W.T.H !!?? *RESPECT*

Today, wake up at 10 sumfink.. not too bad eh? yea.. not at all! First thing I do is, to check the downloads. and YEAH! both of the video completed! watched the first .. hualaneh.. never know it's by black man. PLEASE.. I am NOT downloading PORN. it's just some instructional video.... but not too impressive thou.. as i'm not into that kinda skill. Second video is one "interacial" video. AGAIN, I would like to stress on "I'm NOT watching PORNO"! This video is by one AngMoh[R1] and one Japanese.

"Holly Shit" - this is the feeling I have while watching the performance part of the vidoe. I cant believe it!! I almost have orgasm at the end of the show. This is the first time I see this jeepon's performance.. and I must say.... he's the GOD man.. .wow!!! All the position is so so natural and new to me! And the synchronization between this two person, superb!

All the technique is way too advance for me. so, What I can do is just, watch and try to have the orgasm by myself. being very satisfy today... at least it's not one of those 11am-3am-net-surfing-life-style anymore!

Below is the new video clip I made. Hope you all enjoy.

Click here

[R1] "AngMoh" - Direct translation - Red Hair. It means western people.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

[update] - Research on Middle Line Symptom

well, i DO NOT search in on purpose, just happen to browse thru. This is not exactly a Middle Line Symptom, BUT.. similiar.. which have the Gravity Effect on..

Suggestion : keep on changing position while u sleeping.. trust me...

[Gravity Effect]

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Kanebo? WTF?

See this sign days ago in shopping mall. Well, I don't know what does this mean in the owner's mind. But in hokkien, it MIGHT pronounced as "gun-knee-bull". and the meaning is very nasty. I mean VERY nasty. Not advisable to use this. Very very rude.

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Moral of the pictures:
When you cant see the sun, it doesn't mean it had gone. When the time has come, the sun will shine again. So, when you cant see light in your life, maybe try switch on the light. If its not the case, be very patience, as the problem will end. Follow by another chance.

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[Disgustion][Disscussion] - 中间线 (middle line)

Last sunday, at home boring until juice leaking out... so decided to go out and look for friends. siu kheong is the first one in the list, then ahfeifei, then bento. We went mid valley for dinner. Since me and siu kheong arrived first, we go look for shoes... she say she want to buy new shoe.. cos the old shoe become "chao hai" [R1] already.

From north to south, from east to west, seeking high and low. Not colour boh ngam[R2], then size beh ngeh[R3], some even pattern beh khuar[R4]. Then, ahfeifei called. FINALLY he's here.. surprisingly, this time he's only half an hour late. Kulim[R5] + 菲佣 (fei yong)[R6] + siu kheong continue their pointless window shopping. Then, bento join in.

Ok, after dinner, we went for ANOTHER round of walk walk. Then, I saw this fake model on the window display in a shop. Wearing the nice cloth, with the fake erected nipps.

afoi : ey ey.. something I cant really understand.

bento : you mean, your under cant stand anymore ? minumlah ali cafe..

afoi : If really cant stand, I'll still screw driver you.. watch out my belakang mali.

siukehong : You guys sick!

afoi : why must they make this fake model with fake erected err... this... dried grapes ?

siukheong : dried grapes? well, of cause they must. Did you see girl with only dried grape and not dried grapeS? things come in a pair. wake up!

afoi : . . .I still dont see the point of making this dried grapes. Will that present the cloth better than no-dried-grapeS-fake-model ?

bento : yea.. am curious also.. yum yum..

ahfeifei : no comment man... you're weird.. shit..

siukheong : and disgusted!

afoi : just curious ma. Mr.Chen Kuang Mao[R7] thought me, dunno must ask, ask must not shameful.

ahfeifei : see? my ass..

afoi : and since we talk about that, do girls got this "middle line" problem ? 开中间线 problem with their tits?

siukheong : their what !??

others : ROTFLOL

afoi : curious ma.. when a girl sleeping.. somemore with gravity effect... you know.. soon or later. the thingy will 习惯性的往外延伸(growing towards out by habbits)right ?

siukehong : you sick!!! *chop afoi*

afoi : aiya..aiya..aiya...

- - -

girls, no offence... just want to know... we must know all sort of different knowledge. If this makes you sick, then sorry... if not, please check next time you shower and tell me. really curious. Also, I need a volunteer, to sleep with SAME position every night. And see if the gravity effect is so strong.

References :

[R1] "chao hai" - "Smelly Shoe" in cantonese. NOTHING to do with the bad words , nor the feeling of super HIGH. e.g : siukheong throw bento's chao hai, as its very the chao

[R2] "boh ngam" - "Not suitable". e.g : STS rejected SGG because she think he boh ngam her.

[R3] "beh ngeh" - This is yet, another recap. Its is explained in other post. It means "Cant erect". Normally used when we faced some problem or something not good. e.g : wa..shit.. this ice kacang got banana slice one.. jit thao[R8] beh ngeh!

[R4] "beh khuar" - "can not see". Means something that is not that accepatable. e.g: when afoi didn't comb hair.. wa... jit thao[R8] beh khuar.

[R5] "Kulim" - new nick for afoi. evolved from kuli lim. Kuli means Hardwork Labor. afoi is a kuli. a very pitiful kuli. need to take heavy stuff. and wash car...

[R6] "fei yong" - "fei" as in philipin, and "yong" as in worker. means philipin worker. ahfeifei new name.

[R7] "Mr.Chen Kuang Mao" - afoi's secondary school chinese teacher. hualaneh.. this guy, very good and funny. you'll have to face the wall for the WHOLE session if you ever pissed him off. 面壁思过[R9]

[R8] "jit tao" - direct translation - Straight Head. It means, directly, instantly, as whole, right away. e.g : when afoi draw a shit, i-ring jit tao gone crazy.

[R9]面壁思过 - This is a chinese idioms. which means, someone facing the wall, to think of his mistake. The exact story, afoi already return to Mr.Chen Kuang Mao[R7]. e.g : zmin's supporting team, liverpool became beh ngeh[R3] lately, so she 面壁思过 and realised must do good deed everyday in order to make the team steam balik.

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Wong Cock Supper

Ok, first, it has nothing to do with any cock whose owner with the surname of WONG, its just the cafe. Ok, so I went there to have supper with Siu Kheong and Ahfeifei.
Spotted quite alot of chiobu.. but bad formation... chiobu with ahbeng. SHIT! no wonder afoi still single.

siu kheong : ey ey ey.. let you all guess...

ahfeifei : err.. dunno.. whats the answer ?

siu kheong : ter ter[R1] eh... I also havent ask...

afoi : LoL

siu kheong : so, tell me, who can I ask for a cup of Love Forgetting Water(忘情水)?

afoi : err... andy lau?

siu kheong : nop.. guess mroe! guess more!

ahfeifei : oh.yea hor.. andy lau's song.. wa... thats very long time ago.. err... Andy Lau ?

siu kheong : told YOU... NO ANDY LAU...

ahfeifei : ok ok.. oh.. that song.. soo old song.. cant remember already lo..

siu kheong : shit you... hey.. hello? are you still with us ? (second time of "are you still with me" which kinda foi for me)

siu kheong : the answer is......... "ah ha"

ahfeifei : *toink toink toink* meh lan ??

afoi : *think* .. hahahahh "wo wou.. gei wo yi bei wang qing shui.." 阿哈,给我一杯忘情水。。" haha.. silly !!!

everyone : ROTFLOL


[R1] - ter ter. Very hard to explain. some not-too-bad-bad-word to express that you're upset. same effect with "damn you" "fuck!" "till" e.g: ter ter eh! after sab bai [listen], I cant errect liao.

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Guys, are you still with me~!?

Afoi used to have a 23" waist. Then, everything goes up side down. People start to shit with mouth As well as afoi's waist size.. 23 to 32.. and then, the ex-colleague start to complain.

ex-c : dude.. u're making me sick !

afoi : ehh ?

ex-c : look at yourself! you're no longer the lengchai i know, u've turned to feichai

afoi : yea.. so what? you want to lick ?

ex-c : you sick!! come.. join us go gym tonight!

afoi : ai meh?

ex-c : else I'll crimp your gf

afoi : ampun tuanku.. ok lo...

So, after work , we went to one of the famous gym in .my I must say, gym nowadays... got quite alot of lao ee[R1]. But, yea... but there IS some of those hot chick also. Maklumlah, KFC is just beside that gym. After tricked by colleague, afoi follow them join a class.. called "body hump pump"

Hualaneh... I must say... After almost 3 years of no-work-out-purely-input life style, its totally nightmare for me to take the weight for an hour! yea.. the instructor is hot.. so waht? he's a GUY!!After like 45 min... I already buey thong[R2]

afoi : . . . . . . . *resting*

instrutor : guys.. are you still with me? *looking afoi*

afoi : . . . . . . .

instrutor : come on! never give up... follow me!! last one... One, Two Three...

afoi : ok.. since its last one...

instrutor : Ok, another time, One Two Three. . . Next , One Two Three

afoi : (wtf!? I thought last time already!?? )

After that day, I'm kinda cacat for whole week. But, work out is good. at least I tressure the time where only Me,Tv,Sofa and Remote Control. yum yum....

This is the first time I so pissed off when "Guys, are you still with me" happened..


[R1] - lao ee . Hokkien in "old aunty". Also a nick of my close buddy in hometown. e.g: the lao ee buy one egg, want the ppl give free chicken. complex usage in afoi hometown e.g : lao ee, can you call my friend lao ee to remind his lao ee to help lao ee buy condom from the shop beside lao ee's house?

[R2] - buey thong . Hokkien in "cant stand". Its normally used when you're pissed off by something. or exhausted in doing something. e.g: wa.. after sab bai [listen], really buey thong.

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

If you ever wonder, what afoi do at 509AM


Trick Name : "Wan Chin Karn Nan" - Hard in finding money
Effect : Coin showing and disappear like chips-more. Except it can re-appear.
Method : magick

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If you ever wonder, what afoi do at 430AM


Trick Name : "Sien Dou Fei Hei" - Boring Until Flying
Effect : A boring guy boring nothing to do, thus, off ground few inches for few seconds.
Method : magick

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Dinner Conference + Magick Show

The other day, a friend of mine told me that he'd signed me up for a dinner conference. "How to make money thru Internet" hmmphh.. it sounds like "come come come.. we got product to con sell to you" .. anyway.. the MAIN reason i attended the so called FREE DINNER CONFERENCE is, I'll be getting my NEW GF there !! hurray !!

afoi's new GF

Yea, what so good about afoi NEW GF? well.. cos it's BLACK!

afoi's NEW GF's exposure view

Yea, what so good about being BLACK in colour? I can tell you.. NONE.. simply I like it...

After getting the deck of Vipers (the black thingy is called Vipers anyway) I really feel like going out the ball room.. hehe... but i didn't.. In stead, i had the free dinner then only cabut..

After the dinner, bring friend to Sungei Wang... heading to AndyMagic Stall.. yeah... freak.. who the hell will go visit magic stall in wed night? well, i DID..
I must say.. the stall keeper sucks big time !! the attitude... worst than sammy vellu menopausing women... damn.... big deal! then we go to magic ring in TimeSquare.

After browsing the shop again and again hoping to find new deck which is out of my collection, We finally talk to the shop keeper (not a stall.. kai wan siao!) both of the staff were surprisingly friendly.. yea babe.. thats HOW people do business man... After showing off with my GF (just to remind you guys that, she's called VIPERS) the older dude appraoch us... After seeing his stunning performance.. I must say, after knowing most of the move in magick, its really hard to get those "wow" effect... and YES, he DID gave me the WOW factor !!! I've totally NO IDEA how the heck he do that ! It brings me back to time, where I were amazed by amgick trick ! ahh.. today is a happy day...

Time for me to sleep.. tomorrow, will be going back hometown.... Vipers will be on bed with me today... first night... no pain.. sayang...

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

To my fan-cy all over the world


Trick Name : *poof poof poof* - sound of card changing
Effect : 1 to 4 to 3 ... whats the mesg ?
Method : magick

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Monday, March 07, 2005


afoi : yo!

peng kheong : msn down

afoi : hmm.. ok

peng kheong : aiyoo.. i hate [censored] la

peng kheong : yesterday he called me few times

afoi : ehh ??

peng kheong : i didnt pick up the call

peng kheong : and then he said tonight will call me again.. i said dun wan

peng kheong : he ngeh ngeh[R1] said tonight 10pm

peng kheong : shit la him

afoi : then same dun pick up la..

afoi : another avon?

peng kheong : yes sure

peng kheong : hahahaha

peng kheong : lebik kurang sama

afoi : LOL same size ?

peng kheong : nola

peng kheong : his look better than avon

afoi : LoL then go go go alreayd la

peng kheong : sot ar

You have just received a Nudge!

You have just sent a Nudge!

You have just received a Nudge!

afoi :
Image hosted by

peng kheong : what is that?

peng kheong :
Image hosted by

afoi : sit

peng kheong : y draw sit?

afoi : yea looks different ?

peng kheong : i dun und

afoi : ....

afoi : nvm..

afoi : 4give me to draw that then.. 4get it

peng kheong : hahahaha

peng kheong : wei...

peng kheong : tell me la hahaha.. cannot und what are u doing

afoi : normally we say SHIT to sit ma..

afoi : and since i'm (cont next mesg)

afoi :
Image hosted by

afoi : people.. so.. i dun draw SHIT.. i draw SIT

peng kheong : ok

afoi : sien neh

peng kheong : me too.. anything tp phat ar?

afoi : haha not at all man

afoi : ur side ?

peng kheong : wei... ask u something

peng kheong : do u think i got feeling on u b4?

peng kheong : becoz someone is asking me this

peng kheong : shit!!!!

afoi : wtf ?

afoi : who ask u this ?

afoi : i think no kua... do YOU ????

peng kheong : nola aiyooo... mild high


afoi : LOL .. I jit tau "chow high"[R2] la!

afoi : who ask !??

afoi : shesh. ..

peng kheong : bento

peng kheong : hahahahaa

afoi : shit

peng kheong : sei mei do u think i got feeling on u?

peng kheong : honestly

afoi : nop

afoi : i wonder why ppl will think wrongly when a girl and a guy is abit close

afoi : wtf is wrong with the world ?

peng kheong : yala...

peng kheong : y they dun u got feeling on me

peng kheong : shit... y is me?

peng kheong : i no face see ppl liao

afoi : actually..... got la..

afoi : but not him asking. hahahhahahha

peng kheong : who ask u? who? tell me

afoi : err.. cucumber girl they all..

peng kheong : oh shit

afoi : dun take it serious k ?

afoi : i mean. since that we're clear like water..

afoi : no need to care wtf they thinking..

peng kheong : sure la... crazy one..

peng kheong : got to go now

peng kheong : talk next time

peng kheong :
Image hosted by

peng kheong : bf

afoi : so fast ? k then

afoi : hahaha bye bye

peng kheong says: hahahaa

afoi : not bad also ma...

afoi : u got a very good feiwen bf

peng kheong : sure .. u too

peng kheong : u got a pretty fei wen gf

afoi : hahahhaah

- END -

So, to whoever asked. Here is the answer from BOTH of us. and YES... there IS pure friendship between sexes ! believe it or not.

References :
[R1] - ngeh ngeh
Direct translation -> errected errected. ngeh ngeh is a hokkien word. It means "by force". e.g(1) : some hot chick ngeh ngeh want phone number from afoi. that means, some hot chicks keep on bugging afoi for phone number. e.g(2) : old aunty ngeh ngeh want to intrude afoi. meaning... some old aunty want to have afoi BY FORCE.

[R2] - "chow high" == 超HIGH
Normally, used by taiwanese. To express their level of HIGHNESS. 超 holds the meaning of BEYOND, or SUPER... so "chow high" means SUPER HIGH. Although the pronouciation for this word is very much similiar with some vulgar word with cantonese "chow hi"[R3] . But people seem to cope with it. e.g : wow... this place is fun!! i'm ahving great time!! i'm chow high!!

[R3] - "chow hi"
This is a BAD word. You'll not want to know.... If you want... PM me...

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Friday, March 04, 2005

The one with the YAM a.k.a "or"

[This post is in hokkien]

Aunty A : wa... nice la this dishes *yum yum*

Aunty B : mm hai lei gu... my "lan sao jiu phai choi" neh..
(ofcos! my all time fav dishes)

Aunty A : wa... ji leh or... dar dar eh?? gau sok jui lo..
(wow.. this YAM kinda dry huh? very good in absorbing water. "or" == YAM)

afoi : *think* hahAHhahahhaHAHhahah

Aunties : what you laughing at?

afoi : do you want to go to lake or fall later ?

Aunties : *blur*

afoi : hahahahha

Aunties : what the hell ??

afoi : you all say ma... or gao sok jui ma....
(YAM is good in absorbing water)

Aunties : *still blur* and ?

afoi : so i ask, "do you want to go to lake or fall later?"

Aunties : youngster nowadays.. really don't know what fit in their brain one..

afoi : . . . since YAM/"or" is good in absorbing water, so , it absorbed "water" in that sentense...

Aunties : and what's to do with LAKE ?

afoi : . . . sorry.. forgive me... ampun...... forgive me..... sorry... 4get about it...

Sigh, were just talking something lame.... but none that get that point.. LoL.. must be long time didn't go eat there already.. so Aunties + AhZi ... next time when I go ya house more frequent only i start talking those crap ...

Staying at home all day.. sometimes make people sick... and start to think lame.... Its time for a change..

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Have any of you ever had this experience during your kiddo age ? Some weird aunty will always ask "who do you save when your gf and your mom in the sea first? remember... you only have a rope"

Yea right... weirdo aunty... you all know the answer will ALWAYS be "mom" .. so, why keep asking this lame question? To the originator of this question.. go screw yourself 3 times a day! To prevent the "eat full nothing to do" effect.... (if not used to had bfast.. then 2 times will do)

"How to make a good decision" , "Whats the best decision" always came across my mind lately.. Now, 10:00PM , I made up my mind to NOT to think so much..I'll go with whatever choice come accross my mind FIRST.

So, to those who having hard time to choose, my suggestion to you is to give yourself a break. There is too many beautiful stuff for you to do or to think of in this world. Wasting too much time on something like that, is simply... a waste of time.. and since time is money, then its a waste of money...

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