Monday, March 21, 2005


Last saturday, I got cheated by Bento and Dai Ngan Mui to come out. [conffesion]. Bento tell me will go some of those WowWowCafe to have a drink only. Then, later, It turn out to be at TwelveSI.

Afoi : AK-47
Bento: Corona
Dai Ngan Mui : Beer
Siu Kat : Beer
Ahfeifei : White Russian, then changed to Black Russian

AK-47.. it must be cool one! This is what I thought. But, "WYWWNBWYGMOTT"[R1] , it turn out to be like those drink for pussy. SHIT!!

Second Round :
Afoi : Corona
Bento: Baileys
Dai Ngan Mui : Corona
Siu Kat : Corona
Ahfeifei : K.O <- not a drink, but he knocked out. plus, driving.

Chat until 230AM , then cabut.

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Siu Kat and Dai Ngan Mui

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Ok, new stuff we come up with. "Diam Dit Tark Mou?" (best come with "lick lick")

Reference :
[R1] "WYWWNBWYGMOTT" - "What You Want Will Not Be What You Got Most Of The Time"