Thursday, May 31, 2007

12nd Day in Delhi

I'm almost done here, another two days to go.

Here come "souvenir" time. I hardly see any Coca Cola in India. Most of them prefer Pepsi. Also, the Coca Cola can has NO different than Malaysia one.

Eww... no fun. NOW I need to think of what to buy! darn!

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Monday, May 28, 2007


Yay!! I been to Taj Mahal!!! This the best picture taken by the tour guide. Unfortunately, taking photo in India is a high risk thing to do.

Its either you'll get a very the damn unfriendly stare, or they will ask you to pay them!!!!

Basically all the photo also .. not nice. *sob sob*

Taj Mahal, which situated 200+ KMs away from Delhi. It is located in Agra. Here, 200+ KMs will be taking approx 4 hours, depending on traffic. Along the "highway", we can see many people living there.

You can see very very rich people, to very very poor people.

More stories/photo later!

[Note] Sigh, NOBODY are allowed to enter the area of Taj Mahal AFTER 7PM !!! Also, it will be TOO LATE to stay until sunset. So, no Sunset photo from Taj Mahal.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Delhi - 5th Day

Today will have a con call to the KL office again. I DO NOT WANT TO ATTEND! damn!! from this end, it sounds so harsh! I hate it! Why on earth I must join the con call between you managers when you guys decided to shoot people during the call !?

I'm glad I'm still surviving. 3 of us started to feel not well.

I'm having mild fever, and the ladies are feeling very tired and headache.

Hopefully, today's con call doesnt kills away our mood. ALthough the Taj Mahal trip is very expensive , but it is a MUST GO!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Life in DELHI

Today is just the 3rd day of my 2 weeks duty in Delhi. The time seem to be passing in slow-mo !

Overall, good experience.

Colleagues are quite nice, experienced.

Traffic is in such a mess that, 2 lane can have 5 cars moving parallely, but nobody get hurts.

The food is nothing but spicy.

The city is OVERCROWDED!

And dusty!

Loud (everyone make use of the horn EVERY MINUTE)
Hot (just like walking in big microwave in reheat mode)
Increidible India! (their slogan)

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Phuket-ed !

Just got back home from Phuket!!!!

Overall, nice trip with some nice show. Too bad I have to worry about the India trip, and couldn't enjoy 100%!

Tired, no time to process any photo, yet. Tomorrow, I'll be flying to India again :S
Hopefully everything will be alright (Even though the Hotel doesn't get a good rate from, the weather is HOT, the Internet connection in the co. is very tight! )

Hope I'll be fine in India! Taj Mahal!!!!!!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

so sudden... but wait!

At first, I only thought of "Sawadika" (Travelling to Phuket next Wed to Saturday)

Now, I have to think of "Yaahteeh" as well!!

This morning, boss suddenly ask me to bring passport tomorrow to do the Visa. :|
I'm going to India for two weeks on next Sunday!

So late in getting this info. And so rush for everything

Friday hand over passport -> Tuesday get back passport -> Wednesday go Phuket -> Saturday back Malaysia -> Sunday go India

Only two person going... tutu.. no fuN!!!!!

[Update] Due to the fact that, the visa can't be done on time, I'm not going India anymore!!!!!

Sad : Can't visit Taj Mahal

Happy: No need to avoid shit, problem in drinking water, offended someone on the street and got beaten to death

[Update AGAIN] Due to the fact that, they rushed the Visa for me, I'm going India!!! 20th May 2007!

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

ASSHOLE everywhere

See, an asshole can be anyone and appear anywhere. Asshole can be a hakim. Asshole can be some useless maggot hanging around KLCC. Asshole can also be found behind you.

Example of asshole :-

Asshole can drink!

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Today I'm on leave. Supposed to bring mum to the court. This is the first time I go the new court. Its freaking big outside.

First, we go the lobby, the lawyer go ask where the fuck is the Civil Court.

Then, we proceed to Level 1. Only find out, its not the one we need, we go back to lobby to see the direction board.

After that, we proceed to Level 3. We walk, walk, walk and walk.

THEN, we see this notice.

FINE, might be due to the fact that, the court is still new!!!!

So, we proceed to level 4.


Apparently, this Tengku Maimum is still sucking her husband cock in hutan simpanan negara. And because sucking cock is a personal hobby, we only get to know she's on leave LAST MINUTE.

Tengku Maimum, if I see you, how I wish I can put some chili and pepper in your pussy, sealed it. Then bake it. Then give it to dog for their meal, then give the dog to the pig for their meal. Then, bake the pig, then throw it to the ocean.

FUCK YOU! you wasted my leave! And I ain't going back on 20 June!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tuesday also not a good day for communication!

[ a f o i ] says: the segambut roundabout
[ a f o i ] says: i tuen left
[ a f o i ] says: then the traffic light, turn right
Vincent - says: yes...the building before matrade...
[ a f o i ] says: Mosque on my LEFT, Incometax on my Right
Vincent - says: i think you turn right at that traffic light...the traffic light with the mosque on your left and income tax on your right...
[ a f o i ] says: yes

[ a f o i ] says:
[ a f o i ] says:
then the traffic light, turn right

[ a f o i ] says: #%$&*@(@

[ a f o i ] says:
Vincent - says:
i think you turn right at that traffic light..

[ a f o i ] says: isnt that SAME !?
Vincent - says: hold on i explain from the beginning
Vincent - says: keep quiet!

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Life is unfair


First, the project is ALMOST screwed up!!!! SHIT!!! irresponsible and never update until very last minutes. FUCKING SHITS!

And NOW~ Got this toy and I want one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday is always not a good day for communication

fei [18k] says: that rate.. don't know last for how long
[ a f o i ] says: hmmm..
fei [18k] says: coz i saw few shop rates all 10.0 edi
[ a f o i ] says: tell them we might exchange for 3k + lar...
[ a f o i ] says: get good rate
[ a f o i ] says: 10 still better than 11+
fei [18k] says: isit?
fei [18k] says: the best rate so far is 9.98
[ a f o i ] says: errrrr....
[ a f o i ] says: you mean.. u dun think "10 still better than 11+" is a true statement ?
fei [18k] says: haha..
[ a f o i ] says: you deserve a good slap! *slap*

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Dinner Plate cost me RM 310.38

for the FIRST TIME, I got my FIRST SAMAN!!!

After dapao KFC for dinner, I go back home, and when I reach this stupid traffic light, it will GO red VERY fast. So, EVEN its is "ALMOST" red, I speed up. And FUCKED!!!!!!!!!

A Police Car is JUST across the road. So :

1. I Speed up more, belok kiri and kanan to overtake more car.
2. The police car follow me.
3. They open the Siren light!!!
4. They speed up.. and highlight me.
5. I don't fucking care and continue driving
6. "AXX 80XX , sila berhenti di tepi"
7. "Cheebuy..."

I don't fucking want to give them kopi duit, so I ask them for a SAMAN! a RM300.00 Saman.

I'm going to skip 30 KFC meals to pay off the saman. DAMN!!!!

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

i want.. but i cant, yet..

Boys and Girls~
Yesterday I cried when think of leaving you guys
Everyone has been so nice to me

Seriously, I learnt alot from here
U all been very nice colleagues to me
Comign to think about it, I'm really feel bad to leave
Kind word can not descript how I feel towards you guys
Especially to my direct superiors
Remeber to keep in touch!

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