Monday, February 21, 2005

[Why] Smell

Did you guys ever wonder, why something is THAT smelly and something is NOT at all ? what makes a two same weight of item to be toally different level of smelly ? and talking of level. the dog/human shit ahfeifei stepped the other day, rated the highest among all shit smell i've ever smellED. the poor thing must been living in desert for a long time. No enough water consumption, Yit Hei already... VERY yit hei...
talking about Yit(heat) , this days, the weather is really killing me. how hot can one get somemore ? fulamak.. going out at day time is totally a disaster man.

afoi : ey.. did you guys ever wonder.. why soemthing so smelly and something is not ?

someone : shit ma... after u digest already, then it become smelly lo.

afoi : yea.. that one I THINK is cause by bacteria. I mean, stuff like durian , cempedak , nangka. Imagine, a piece of gai SI gor and nangka. one is almost without smell, one is almost with killing smell.

someone : laneh.. what a question.

afoi : I wonder if anyone got know this... kinda curious

So, anyone out there, If it happened that you know that answer, please enlighten me.

p/s : talking about smelly shit. Did I mentioned that, it took ahfeifei nearly an hour to clean his seat ? *respect*

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