Monday, February 21, 2005

ahfeifei's "wai sui SI"

sho, that day, we had shome short of sheafood c.u.m loushang dinner. It ish the 4th loushang I had thish year. I wonder how "shang" I can lou thish year. *hmmphh* sho the loushang plate sherved in 10 min. Thatsh fasht! sho everyone go like "Lou ah..." "huat ah..." "lai ah..." only me alone shouting "shang ah..."

Everyone had been quite shy that day I gueshsh. Even though all the dishesh ish sherved, shtill none of ush made any move. Until the bday pershon ashk ush to give face.

sho, after dinner, we chit chat abit there until about 11PM.

afoi : jom.. balik lo... I go toilet firsht.

ahfeifei : wait u at car park.

afoi : roger that. get in poshsition and wait for my go!

ahfeifei : go where? kheong ?

- - -

At the car park. Everyone inshide the car chit-chating

shomeone : ey.. afoi , you fat ashsh, you sit in front.

afoi : hurray! thatsh the good thing about being fat.

*go in the car*

shomeone : *shniff* Did you guysh shmell that? what shmell ish that? geez.... jusht now dun have one ark.

afoi : sit la... like that paimeng shay i shmelly jek ? *shelf-shniffing* no ark.. not me ark... perfume shtill going shtrong...

ahfeifei : musht be shOMEONE shtepped shOMETHING.

afoi : . . .

ahfeifei : letsh shtop the car ashide.

*everyone go down and check shoe*

afoi : laneh.. heng ah... not mE!! not ME!!!!

ahfeifei : sit.... ish me...

everyone : ewwww!!!!

ahfeifei : letsh go nearby gash shtation shettle.

- - -

At the petronash shtation, everyone jump out the car like itsh gonna bomb. While ahfeifei clearing the THING, everyone shtart to chit chat and even take photo!

afoi : lemme go get shome air refresher.

ahfeifei : no need la.

afoi : need la.

After shearching high and low, shtill.. there ish no shign of shelling any air refresher.. what I shee ish , follow me man'sh perfume , Inpulshe shpice and shome hindu powder. wtf. The follow me perfume shmell like dead fish, the hindu powder shmell like hindu. no choice... go for Inpulshe Pice.

afoi : shtay away from the car, everyone! ngek ngek ngek *shaking the shpary*

everyone : run! run for your life!

afoi : *shpray* die!! sit shmell.. die!!!! ha ha ha!! die!! ha ha!!

shome girl : I like him

everyone : who doeshn't ?

ahfeifei : ok ladiesh and gentlmen , letsh continue our journey.. shall we?

*shtart engine*

*on air-con*

*shut window*

shomeone : *shniff* wtf? how come shtill got shmell one !?

everyone : yea lo.... sit...

Then, shome real sitty shtuff happened during the right turning. while ahfeifei changing gear, my LEFT middle finger accidentally touched hish LEFT arm. and there Ish shome mud-like thingy shtick on my middle finger.

afoi : wtf!? wtf!!!????

*pashsh by shtreet light*

sit... it Ish a piece of sit on MY MIDDLE FINGER!!!!

afoi : FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahfeifei : what?? what ? what ???

afoi : I got a sit on my middle finger!!!

ahfeifei : u cant sit on your middle finger...

afoi : u no undershtand.. i got a sit on my middle finger!

shome girl back there : awww!!!!!!! i shaw it!! sit!!!

afoi : tishshue pleashe..

shome girl back there : nah.. *hand over a tishshue*

afoi : thank you

shome girl back there : nah.. *hand over another tishshue*

afoi : thank you

shome girl back there : nah.. *hand over third tishshue*

afoi : thank you

shome girl back there : nah.. *hand over yet another tishshue*

afoi : thank you

(to cut it short, she handed me shome like 20 over tishshuesh)

ahfeifei : ishsit you that "hai" the shii to me one?

afoi : wtf!!?? me!??? look your arm!! shii ah!! shii ah woei!!!

ahfeifei : woopshsh...

jack : go my houshe you two better shower...

afoi : got lok yau yip anot? need to shower with that man..

everyone : LOL

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