Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Today, woke up at 12PM , then after I combat to wash up and combat to downstair, already 1230PM.


Operator : hello dominos pizza.

Afoi : yea... I ...

Operator : Hi, Ms Law ?

Afoi : Ms.Law tengah kerja...

Operator : whatever, how can i serve you , sir?

Afoi : one aloha chicken regular thin crust , one spagetti , a can of coke.

Operator : Sir, i suggest you take the value meal 1 , its just RM2x.xx

Afoi : Just place my order and come in 1/2 hour or you can call ambulance.

Operator : Sir, I repeat the order *rewind*

*ding dong*

Afoi : till.. who so early ?? *peep* chey.. i thought venice* house no water while having her shower half way.

Afoi : yo brader! wassup!! come come come.. my little cousin....

Cousin : ge ge, wo yao kan mo shu... yea yea jiang ni hui mo shu (bro, i want to see magik, grandpa say u know magik)

Afoi : come come come.. *ahhemm* what kinda magik you want to see? poker magik ? card magik ? card trick ? poker trick ? playing card magik ? playing card trick ?

Cousin : whats the differences and which is better?

Afoi : errr... actually is the SAME... ge ge only know card trick.. kekeke

Cousin : show me show me!

Afoi : *shharraakkk* (spring card)

Cousin : *no feel*

Afoi : *shharraakkk* (spring card ANOTHR TIME)

Cousin : *no feel* x 2

Afoi : *shharraakkk* (spring card AGAIN)

Cousin : *yawn* ge ge , ge ge , why you pattern liao liao? show magik la...

Afoi : . . . FINE! ok.... *fan card* now choose one card

Cousin : Can I choose TWO ?

Afoi : Listen to me... choose ONE card

Cousin : Why one card? two card kenot ? you only know ONE card??

Afoi : Choose or leave...

Cousin : ok ok ... this one.

Afoi : remmeber it... and put it back into the deck.

Cousin : done!

Afoi *Shuffle* ok.. the card is now lost somewhere in the deck , right ?

Cousin : shuffle more!

Afoi *Shuffle* enough?

Cousin : more! more!!

Afoi *Shuffle* enough ??

Cousin : i want more!!

Afoi : You wan yea issit ?? ok , now look *show first card* Is this your card?

Cousin : hahahahahhaahahahah no!!!!! stupid one you...

Afoi : ok look... now with a snap of finger .. now turn the first card and see

Cousin : *turn card* WA!!!! how come it changed to my card?!?? how how how!?

Afoi : *ahheeemmm*

Cousin : actually my yea yea (grandpa) told me you can fly.. fly for me.. fly for me..

Afoi : ai meh? ge ge havent eat lunch kenot fly..

Cousin : fly or I cry , I cry you die, No fly i cry, you fly i high.

Afoi : ok... now look.... *levitate few inches from ground*

Cousin : HIGHER! HIGHER!!!

Afoi : lu uh siao boh ??? enough is enough

Cousin : HIGHER!!!! they say you can fly to upstair one.. fly!! fly!! higher!!

*pu pu...*

Afoi : ahh.. i ordered pizza.. come liao.. come.. eat...

Cousin : got pizza?? yea!!!

Afoi : (Luckily got pizza, this fella paimeng come 串场 one la...)

*- magik show end -*

This is the 串场 di di

Dictionary :
Venice - neighbour's daughther

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ZMiN said...

Wahhh... no wonder ask me to get those playing cards lar... summore ask me to go Walmart... yuin loi wanna become gum yu lou... tsk tsk tsk... Wanna become MJ ar? U got ur Chris Tucker or Macaulay Culkin as witness anot? lol