Monday, February 21, 2005

Shilly Sit

Days ago, we went to Klang and look for one of our friend, Jack. We're invited to have a dinner there. A Bday treat. It tooks around 40 mins for us to reach there. Some conversation inside the car during the way there, created a new "trend"

afoi : ey.. exactly how does the DV-X829-C works with the auto trigger thingy ?

ahfeifei : you see, there's a shpring inside this modeal.

afoi : wtf is shpring ?

ahfeifei : I mean sPring.

everyone : ROTFLOL
- - -

shince then, which ever shingle word with "s", we replaced with "sh"

Level - 1
- - -
afoi : Sho, ish everyone shure want to have sheafood ash dinner ?

ahfeifei : I'll shtay with the majority.
- - -

Level - 2
- - -
ahfeifei : Sit!! forget to take my wallet!! Sit !!!

afoi : go check inshide and shee, I'll shit here and wait
- - -
In level-2 crapping, any "s" word WITH the "h" initially will be nimus off the "h"

Lvel -3
- - -
afoi : shi kay , Sheong mm Sheong min Shek Shupper Ah ?

shi kay : absholutely , am Sharving shince shix minutesh ago.

ahfeifei : Sho, Shri Shentosha shek ? I sut down pc firsht.
- - -
extenshive use of "s" and "sh" in level-3.

Mosh of the time, when afew "childish" people (or its just ONE) getting along, some sitty shuff like thish will happened...


ZMiN said...

my aunt once made a mistake like, saying DRAWER when she meant to say wallet. Dont ask me how. Eversince that day, my family'd go like, eh, u got bring ur DRAWER chut gai anot? or eh, u got put ur DRAWER in ur WALLET ar? Try tat manz, mr A. U'd hav fun, i gelentee

afoi said...

LoL , you shure ?? I'll jush wait and shee who will make another mishtake.. :P

fei said...

ooops! oops! i'm innocent!! ;p