Wednesday, February 23, 2005

pandemic rumour

Today, after second wake up(R1), I combat to my notebook and check my mail.

Pheng Keong : ey.. ey.. you there ?

afoi : yes mdm... how can I serve you mdm?

Pheng Keong : err... you know la.. I stay in 12th floor, and there's no water faicility down there, I cant wash my car.

afoi : Still listening..

Pheng Keong : and... my car is getting bigger and bigger already..

afoi : why is that?

Pheng Keong : the dust is getting thicker ma..

afoi : LoL

Pheng Keong : can I goto ya house later to wash car?

afoi : sure...

Pheng Keong : Thanks!



afoi : come come come... (casually ask) so, need me to help you wash car or not ?

Pheng Keong : thanks!

afoi : !??????!??????????

Pheng Keong : be a man... dont take back your word...

afoi : yes... mdm....................................

While half way washing , my younger aunty from the next door walked out...

Younger Aunty : yo foizy! havent give you angpao thim!! lai lai lai.. sang sang seng seng..

afoi : hapi nu year.... thank you

Younger Aunty : ah pin gor... nah.. yours.... sang sang seng seng.. where's LongCheng?

Pheng Keong : errr... (who the hell is LongCheng?)

Younger Aunty : I got to go.. see you guys later!


Pheng Keong : who is LongCheng!!

afoi : my brother.. your car and his gf car is the same one.. I think she mistaken you and my bro's gf! wa... isk... nice la.. come and LET ME wash YOUR car.. somemore got angpao take! isk!!!!

Pheng Keong : kih kih kih!!

afoi : ahh..sitt...... ey... inside e house, there's some real strong transmitor!! IF they see you... I'm sure rumour will spread real fast!!!! holly sit!!!!!

Pheng Keong : wa.. then how ??


Pheng Keong : wui.... got one aunty peep in front of the door!!

afoi : sitt!!!!!!! young or old one !??

Pheng Keong : old one!

afoi : is your car clean enough, yet ?

Pheng Keong : yea yea.. as good as new one!

afoi : ok.. leave now... else, I'll die of wee wang wang-ing very soon..!

Pheng Keong : ok ok!!

- - -

And I thought that I'm safe. 830PM , After my aunty and uncle had their dinner.

Aunty : ey... foi, just now, your bro's gf came by?

afoi : err... no ark.. why ask ? want to talk to her ? *deep shit mood* (this doesn't look good)

Aunty : oh.. nola.. were just asking....

afoi : ic... *yawn* sleepy thim... good night

Aunty : so, who's that girl ?

afoi : err.. which girl ? chaisey laine? <- please DO NOT google this name

Aunty : the one you wash HER car today ?

afoi : ohh.. my friend la....

Aunty : oh... your FRIEND la ?? nothing la.. cos uncle next door just called and ask.

Nowadays, not only SARS spread fast, rumour spread as fast as light speed.... wait a minute, does that mean.. it can travel BACK and informed EVERYONE in the past? The level of spreading in things like "afoi's add math is only 11 marks" , "afoi get two One Love , one Two Love , three Ngor Leng in 6 card game he played" , "afoi today is horny" is WAY slower AND smaller than this "afoi washing a mysterious long hair girl's car"

Things didn't over, YET. Just now when mom called, I report this matter to her FIRST. Previous experience dealing with those "nasty modified n-time add oil ass salt rumour" , I have to tell mom BEFORE she get it from eat full nothing to do other people's mouth. Yea, this time, my action is simply "keh gau"(R1).. I received my bro's sms at 1AM (7 minutes ago) "Who's that girl?" holly sit.........

With the power of ultraman , ninja turtle , baja hitam , voltron , goku , and silver hawak, I command this will end soon.... you know la... pheng keong lui jai yan gar ma... tak baik tau?

(R1) second wake up - it is a practise where a person wake up from his/her bed , and go continue his/her sleep on the sofa. When he/she wake up from the sofa, its the "second wake up"

(R2) "keh gau" - it means "you-thought-you're-so-smart-but-you're-not". Normally, used after you did something bad which you think IT is good at the first place. e.g : afoi "keh gau" gel a goku hair style before going to barber shop.


Anonymous said...

afoi, whos that gal?? y u nvr tell me when i wanted u to update me with latest news just now huh? got picture anot? hehe :p

ZMiN said...

yosh foi kor!
ahahaha... eh I thought u wanted to put epidemic? haiyor hoi me brainstorm until so cham. Eh, *nudge nudge* so.. wash car eh? Hehe... whossat girl ar? shooo romantic...

afoi said...

LOL ...

zmin : after that, i fee that.. its not that WIDE ma.. its just within an area... :P so put endermic lo...

anonymous : LoL... nth worth mention ma... + if i told u early on, then when u check here, nothing new...

phengkeong : incashe u read thish.. hahahha shorry but I think it worth to sare out this silly thing

fei said...

ai yo!! sooo nice ar.. help ppl to wash car.. when free to wash mine? my house oso don't have the facility to wash car leh.. so pls tell me the time and i'll bring my car over.. thanx in advance ;p

afoi said...

fei , promise me that you'll marry me... after i washed ya car, and everyone start to think i'm gay...

fei said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
fei said...

oh.. so that's the agreement between pheng keong and u ar? congrat :P so when both of u getting married? phew! luckily i still haven't bring my car over to your house ;p

afoi said...

??? what agreement ??? you siao already ?

afoi said...

wtf ?? what agreement ? you siao already or what ?