Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday==LastDay , LastDay==Quit , Quit==Jobless

Here comes another friday. Somehow, today, everything, seem to be, going very smooth. The LRT counterist (whatever u call the person who sit in the counter? heh) looks like already get back the 50 cent debt from someone, and start to give some small smile already. Good! keep up the Good job fazlin!

The neighbour's bitch doesn't make a single sound when i out from home today also. In fact, I see 旺财 accross the street is doing doggie style with her. Afterall , Shes not a bad dog. At least she dont pee in front of my house. Good job XiuLai!

The Thailand working in the coffee shop dont give the "i'm fucked!!" face anymore. In stead, he talk abit to me.. shame on me... dont understand a single word... Also, his hand no longer soak inside my tea when he serving the tea. Good job takson!

The nasi lemak stall aunty give me the BIGGEST smile today! I thought today i finally look abit like Andy Lau, but the fact is, when I was about to take out my pen and give him a nice autography, she say "Sei Khau Chart!". Huh ?? sounds like a bad word to me... so i reply "Meh lan?". "Four Seventy, you eat, you pay.. I sell , I get money.. You full full go work, I happy happy close stall earlier... lar lar lam.." Yeah, you hear me right. A small piece of meat, an egg and some litttle pitiful amount of pork curry cost me RM4.70. Damn good in making big money. Good job AhLian!

In short, today is kinda sunny day. As well as my mood ! Hopefully, it can last long enough. So since I had nothing else to write, I'll just end this post, and practise the sleight of hand under my desk. Shh.....

*Springing card sound* (shharrraakakkkk)

Prj Manager : What the fuck ? who farted !??

Afoi : lilek la brather.... playing with cards only..

Prj Manager : You very free hor ?

Afoi : *holly shiet* err.. nola.. taking a break ma..

Prj Manager : Come.. finish this by noon

Afoi : ala wakba!!!

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Dude Vincester said...

hahaha...see lar. people lansi last day at work so start "tang pok" then project manager past alot of work to him. hahha..last day still need to "pok sat" hahhhaaha