Saturday, February 28, 2009

Broga Hill

Today, we went to Broga Hill. Thought it will be a slow and leisure trip..
点知..... anyway~ It's a damn healthy trip (before breakfast).. and am glad we made it at least to the 1st hill. LMAO!

Everyone went to Broga Hill told me, its just so easy to get there... damn.. we need more exercise... Don't have much mood/energy to take photo on top. Just did some snap shot. :S

A tiring but healthy outing!


Anonymous said...


afoi said...

haha ya.. finally~ but didnt really do alot of shooting up there..
too tired
just some snap shot..
and nothing interesting..

mighty bento said...

we need more exercise???
Not we lor... just you and sk nia. hehehehe

add in some interested things la...
why never mention bout yee jiong part???

Anonymous said...

the "we" is actually refering to himself and me...u dun 对号入座 ar...

the yee jiong part damn funny... "你地做自己野。。。。"

fei said...
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fei said...

bento: lol.. u loh keng or jang heng ar?

anyway just climb few more time and u'll get used to it :D

Dude Vincester said...

so when is the next broga hill climb session? hehehe