Monday, December 05, 2005


Day3 - Today we're going DisneyLand~!!! As usual, wake up at 5+AM.. then go out for bfast. Thing to take note is, in the restaurant, they normally will give half cup of chinese tea. According to some reliable source, it is for you to wash your spoon.

Princess wearing rainbow coloured jacket a.k.a homesexual colour.

the "Charn Darn Min" 餐蛋面.. with TWO egg.. steam...

Then, we take train to disneyland! some 40 mins journey from YauMaTei station. The disneyland's train is very special. With all the mickey logo.

The disneyland station.

The platform + train

The garden before entrance

Adventure land~ with tarzan theme, and some adventure river ride.

Then , we went to LionKing Show.

I'm really impressed with the performance. All the robot looks cool. Very lively.

some blow-job infront of the castle

Next stop will be the Castle theme area. We watched the 3D theater mickey show! Its awesome~!!!!! very very very very visual~! You can actually feel the water and smell the pie from the movie~!!!!

Then, we wait for the parade to begin.

lai liao!

mickey with dildo drum stick

Aren't they the blowjob gang from the castle just now ?




come come my lady... come come my lady..

the "chart yao"

the REAL princess~~!!!

Alice in the Wonder Land. I want....

Toy Story~ Buzz Lightyear + Woody + Potota Head


The Little Mermaid.. I want also....tutu...

Mermaid: OHHHHH my prince afoi is here too~~ OHHHHHH~~

shake huhhh... shake it.. ar huhhh...

The final mickey lorry bus

Next,is the Mickey Golden Show. At first I thought its some sorta golden mickey statue. NO, its a show, a golden mickey award show, like Grammy Award. Get to see alot of cartoon character from different story.

Its getting late. HongKong Disneyland is having some Xmas celebration for December starting from today (1st Dec). So, there will be a "Open Light Ceremony" for the BIG Xmas Tree. They invited Zoey Yong the TOP MOST famous star in HK for the ceremony. The place is crowded with reporters and fans. Cant even have a chance to let her see my face..

THEN... *jeng jeng jeng* Its almost time for the firework show. You cant not only see the firework , you can also see your money is burning~

HKD100 x 10

HKD250 x 8

HKD250 x 10

"For Siu Dek Si Nei" (Fire burning disneyland). neh.. its just about the different exposure rate I choosed...

HKD3500 x 2. This is actually the typical disney logo on the tv, with the semisphere light.

Some dai look firework. HKD7000 x 6

The best shoot I've captured. No handshaking, no blocking.

Artificial snow along the street.

TVB reporter making coverage..

Garden before entrance at night

Time flies.... Its time to go back... we missed some game thou...

For the whole day, its plain fun!! Also, I played the Space Moutain. Some high speed roller coaster style of game. Damn, I thought it is some sort of slow and steady game. NO it is NOT~!!!! Before entering the game, the tv showing "Please put all your spec and bag infront of your seat." "For safety reason, please make sure your body is within the space shuttle all the time"

princess : shit.. how?
afoi : dunno man.. how??
fei : ok one la... no worries..
princess : ey? look... got old aunty play also.. you see their face.. steady ma..
afoi : ey? ya wor...

After the game, I know WHY the aunties looks cool. They've scared out of shit~!! And that, we have *cough* #5044 *cough*

* * *

Later at night, when we reach our hotel, we decided to try the restaurant beside our hotel.

All the dishes is fcuking large set.

The lai-yea "Meehun Singapore Style"

My fried rice. The prawn is super fresh.

That pretty much sum up of the day.


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