Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Reached KLIA at 7+ A.M.. awaiting to depart.

ChiangMai airport waiting hotel's shuttle bus.

The Hotel

After unpacking stuff in hotel room, we went out for a walk. There is some xmas feel over there. Not too strong thou.

I want to watch "KingKong" and NOT "Ajaij"

Well there is nothing much around the hotel. So we return to the hotel for some rest.

The pool.

Some pool side wedding dinner

The room.

At night, there is group of kid singing at the lobby. "Sab bai sab bai.... sab bai.."

At night, some concert near the hotel.

waiting for the taxi. The taxi fare is VERY cheap. 150baht for SEVENTEEN people. and YES, you can squeeze in SEVENTEEN people in ONE taxi.

The teoh chiew restaurant. Its super crowded in there.

After dinner, night market next.

Some hotel beside the night market. small hotel but nice decoration.

Some "sab bai sab bai" again

At night, we have a "lucky draw zmas present" session. Aunts prepared some present for everyone. How sweet. But one thing I noticed. The present itself doesnt have number on it. You'll have to tell'em the number THEN only they give you the present.
The present ranged from MNG shirt to unfinished-half-pack-of-sour-plum.

oh yeah~ I got this~!

Its 11PM and the street is quiet! looks like no celebration for xmas eve. Time to sleep.

First day, well.. ChiangMai is a nice and not too busy town. No high building , more like my hometown (in bigger size). Its gonna be a slow and steady trip.

- E.o.D -

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