Friday, December 30, 2005

The bit more normal friday

Woke up at 830 930AM today. First thing to do, check mail. Shit... no reply from my ex-boss side. Its been the SECOND week already. Although he promised I'll get the job, still I dont feel comfortable without the call from them.

After breakfast, started to ask around how the heck do I get to Amcorp Mall from my place. Interview will be at 230PM. Well, I dont really quite like the "sound" of that job thou. Software House, BIG overseas company == HEAVY TIGHT SCHEDULE WORKLOAD. I had enough of the stress to rush for the schedule... unforseen bug during live system on critical time says.. 2AM ...

Out at 1PM and reached there before 2PM. I'm kinda nervous, afterall, this is just the second interview I had since I graduated. When I'm asked "Tell me more about you" , I cant hardly think of anything to tell. The test? I screw up some question.

Interview session end at 430PM. Soon after come out from the underground car park, it rains like hell.... Then, went WAN UTAMA to meet up with bento , his girl , and fei. As usual, numb3rs lai yea again... this time, not the feet, not the hand, nor the neck. Its further up... the eyes~

Went to some Vietnam Restaurant for dinner. Its been long time we didnt have good food at friday. Simply because they understand afoi no longer can spend money. Blame on the palying card.. yeah.. babe... nice food... and yea.. nice decks too~ *wink*

Time flies, today the time seem to pass faster. Its 915PM after we end our dinner. Then, proceed to SS2 for yumchar session with hometown friends. Have some good laugh, and I cant rememeber how many years I lost contact with some of them. Thing is just different after everyone started to work.

Today is the LAST working day of year 2005 for most people. What a day. Looking back on what I've done in the year, I cant really have anything solid to rememeber of. To be frank, I had too much trip in a short time. Overall, 2005 is a good year for me. At least no big shitty stuff coming up..

Luck has been always with me all the while, I hope it still will be with me next year, another year, another next year, and another, and another, and another, and never ending.

I've come out a list of plan I wish to do in 2006 thou.

1. exceed deck collection to 300 decks by 31-dec-2006
1. Do more saving.
2. Get a Nokia N92, or at least, get a new handphone.
3. Pay bro and his gf a free trip as the present for their wedding.
4. Control temper.

p/s : If 2. or 3. fulfil, ignore 1.

To whoever I've offended, forgive me and sorry.
To whoever I've cheered, dont worry, be happy.

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