Monday, December 05, 2005


Day 2 - we woke up at 5+ AM and go out for a walk. Then, we stop at some HK style restaurant, some ORIGINAL one, unlike .my's wongkok

The YinYong drink

Poh Loh Yao (pineapplre bread)

I ordered Set A Breakfast. some pasta.. HKD20.00

The whole set

While the rest go for their breakfast, I walk around the town. Its quite tension to walk in HK, their lifestyle seem to be fast. As if you'll get deflorated if you walk slowly. Also, there is no chair on the street for you to sit. Not even their bus stop.

some "larp mei" shop..

The 电车.. HKD2 per trip..

Some temple..

They know me.... *shy*

Somewhere near ChungWan MTR station, there are some xmas related theme garden.

ahfeifei acting cute. He suppose to act like the jesus(or whoever at the background) thou..

The city is very nice especially at night. When all the light is on.

sui boh ?

The justice statue(lol.. I named it) somewhere in chungwan.

You can write your wish and tie to the xmas tree.

Wishes from good kiddo.

Obviously, we went alot more places in Day2 compare with Day1. One thing good about Free&Easy trip is, you can have alot of impromptu plan. My camera's batt got screwed up... So, using princess's cam instead.


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