Sunday, December 04, 2005


FINALLY, I'm back from Hong Kong trip! Well, what a trip... Quite nice trip loaded with impromptu plan. LMAO

Everything start from 29NOV 5.00AM. After DV pick me up from house, sms princess "DV fetching me, on the way to ahfeifei place". Then, when we picked up ahfeifei, princess called

princess: why the hell is DV fetching you?
afoi : *blur* huh?
princess: why the hell is DV fetching you?
afoi : why not? else?
princess: told you 3 thousand times, felice will fetch ALL OF US.
afoi : ala wakba~!!!! seriouS~!?? since when~!??
princess: *silent*

Yes, I'm already in deep shit BEFORE 6AM. When we reach her place,
princess sms "10 mins before you reach, sms me"

afoi : hello..
princess: reaching soon?
afoi : err..... actually...... we're here.... reached min ago.
princess: .................................

Yes, double lai yea-ed in 30 mins. So, I pray that we'll have a smooth day.



Airbus A330

Here we come~!


Fai Goh the tour guide, funny guy..

Stephen Chow's grand-grandpa in "God of Gambling II".

One thing in HK, all the car on the road is SHINNING as hell. According to fai goh, they dont drive IF their car is dusty.


The old street with old building.

HK mini bus.

our friend cum tourguide. YES, he's the one who make us walk NINE streets SEVEN TIMES in 2 hours!!!

the fishball stall

The famous dessert shop

the street.

Dinner time, we went "Hakka Hut" which is quite famous (according to Daniel). The dishes is ok ok. Typical chinese food (shark fin , abalone , escargot , etc). No picture taken for this dinner, because everyone I'm too foi.. but the rest.. seems excited...

On the very first day, nothing much had happen. Meet with daniel the semi-pro tourguide.. kinda foi day, as basically, we only walk walk walk walk walk walk walk and walk. Nothing but walk. But you'll get to see a street from different angle.. says... SEVEN different view for EACH street from NINE of'em.


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