Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Wake up 7AM and have breakfast. Not much variety. Today we're having some half day trip to someplace for some elephant show. I don't its just me or when a male speaking thais , they look girlish. Our tourguide, is a soft person. lets call him Simon.

Some random old traditional style building along the town.

After an hour of bus ride, we reached the elephant camp. According to Simon, there is 8 elephant camp in chiangmai. The elephant we going to see is India Elephant and they are very intelligent.

They look tame thou.

Small elephant with teeth. Not all elephant have the teeth, only SOME male. Unlike African Elephant, everyone elephant have it no matter male or female.

No idea why are they isolated.

The elephant riding is kinda fun. some 30-45 minutes ride. Its quite excited sitting on top of the elephant and go jungle tracking. i'm with JAMBO the elephant btw.

JAMBO the elephant.

Then, we gathered at the river side, to see the elephant taking bath.

Elephant shows next.

I don't know if the elephant show in A'Farmosa is that interesting. But this elephant is very very very intelligent and some very ngai larn (naughty)

The cheer-leading / parade group.

The dancing queen.

Elephant with harmonica

Then they started to show off.

Football time. Penalty shoot. You can really see that the "goal keeper" act like "c'mon~ bring it on~~ *stretch leg* *warm up*" very cute.

Preparing for the side kick block.

This elephant can kick ball! Even better than us. *salute* the footballer will be very action when they score. Highly recommended trip. rated : *must come*

After sport, they show their art.

Beginner. No idea what is in the drawing.

some real cool flower drawing. *salute* again.

I LOVE this small kid. She's so so cute. And she is kinda like me.

half way done.

This siao-eh elephant done his job too.

The drawing cost 2000 BAHT each. Not cheap thou.

Then, they started to demo how they work in the jungle. "In the olden day"(Simon's favorite sentense) the elephant work in the jungle to carry the timber. Nowadays, we use machine.

They are very smart. The leader will decide which timber is out of alignment and push it to align it.

Show end.

Some buddha statue in the elephant camp.

The kid

Then, we went to some orchid farm. Simon say, "We have more than a thousand species of orchid in Thailand. Because over here, we have the good weather and humid for them to grow."

Good shot

Also, there is a small butterfly farm inside the orchid farm. Simon say : "Now is not the good time to see butterfly. You can only see very few of them. The best time is during the raining sesson."

Lunch at the orchid farm's restaurant. buffet style at only 150 BAHT per person. With that kinda environment, it is some "super value year end crazy cost to cost promotional price".

The table setting.

The food is ok ok, much bette than the hotel food.

The open space toilet. When you see a hungry eagle out there. DONT pee!

We got the WHOLE bus although its just 17 of us. Double layer, with a Karaoke lounge at the "basement"

The entrance ticket for the orchid farm. And I sat at "Cherd Chai 10"

Umbrella will be another famous product of chiangmai. Simon mentioned something about "the olden day" again, but am not paying any attention. Most of the lady/girl looks pretty.Not too much of makeup and they look sweet.

Simon say, "There is 3 types of umbrella, A, B , and C. and the different is ...... The process of making an umbrella is quite complicated. They seperate the job. If you are good in painting , you only do painting on the umbrella. In the olden day,....."

cool uncle doing the "head" of the umbrella. He got skill!

Doing decoration on the umbrella.

The place they make the paper from "Sa Tree". The paper? called "Sa Paper". The maker? called "Sa Gua". OK, ignore the last part on the maker.

women with very the sharp knife making the "bone" of the umbrella.

Another women with another very the sharp knife making another "bone" of another umbrella.

The "skull" of the umbrella.

The painting job

Another skillful uncle.

Then, camera out of battery. Next we went to one of the chiangmai most important temple, Doi Suthep. Located top of the hill, which is the tallest one. From there, you can see the whole chiang mai city. BUT, because of the haze and fog, I can see NOTHING.

Doi Suthep.

Simon says "This is the most important temple in Chiang Mai, because inside, it content the relic of the buddha bone. Then................... In the olden day, ................."

Second Day, overall, nice day with not too bad plan. Yes, ChiangMai got alot of lenglui also. :P

- E.o.D -

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