Monday, December 05, 2005


Day4 - Today, we supposed to go Macau. BUT, end up, me and fei doesnt feel like going there. So, we decided not to follow the gang.. another impromptu plan. Lantau Island for the Big Buddha. After 3 days of walking, our leg is basically, out of order. The stairs is killing us hard to reach the top.

The Big Buddha which is real big.

I like this photo also~

Also, we tried out the "original vegetarian dishes" from Lantau Island according to the staff over there. HKD100 per person for deluxe package.

Then, the staff recommend we visit the 心经简林. Which consist of 38 pieces of half cut BIG trees, with some prayer word on it.

Then, we went "Wong Dai Sin" temple.

So, we go pray in the temple as well.. for the first time, I tried the "求签" thingy... ask for my future and career(as if I have one now)

waiting the sifu to explain the "bookmark" I picked

sifu : wa... nice ... you born at the Day1 of the month.
afoi : how nice?
sifu : very nice..
afoi : really ?
sifu : yes.. easy life you got there.. your parents loves you alot.. you'll earn alot of money.. see? you got 4 "choy" in your life..
afoi : *aheemm*

He also say, someone's fate is not here yet... ala wakba..... basically, everyone of us, will be having hard time when young... till... like the same dialouge repeating for everyone of us.

Chun Wan

Some photo taken from the double decker bus. I like this photo also, not focusing on the white jacket OL thou, but looks like I am.

At night, we went to The Peak again for the night view. Wow.. its the most beautiful scene I've ever seen so far~ No wonder its the MOST beautiful city in the world.

After that, fall back to hotel room , and start packing.


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